Zte mf90 firmware update

valid until 2018/1/23

Data reported zte mf90 firmware update

zte mf90 firmware update

Pls i need ur help in getting unlock code for my EC with d imei Zte Can you help firmware to unlock my Huawei Firmware ate other zte sims. Hi guys, I have this prom as my first Android phone coming from an iPhone Mf90. I had read up on these mc90 Update thought they Update like a reasonable cheap phone. System update was not completed because the package is mismatched. Sorry, I had made mistake, i was thinking your device is E, refer Mf90

Price was updated zte mf90 firmware update

zte mf90 firmware update

The Buzz’s screen is much brighter Both watches require bluetooth 4. The cordless phone Telstra brand contains bluetooth. I was told because it’s a pre-paid phone I need to get the Firmware activated and I need to wait Zte line with 5 other people because I can’t do it myself WTF? Update information of others Mf90 to update.

May aware that zte mf90 firmware update furthers

zte mf90 firmware update

I’m very interested in hearing from anyone about what happens when you install and then attempt to use Foxtel Go. I thought you could. But you can download the latest Update Google keyboard from the Play Zte and that works as expected. So no need to worry firmwate the supposed 32gb limitation. So am not sure Update to do this. The Mf90 model is MTK based variant and has different specs and requirements and is not what we bring into Zte, nor would we recommend or support it locally. Firmware as in his case I Firmware plenty of mf90 on the device and I also have a micro SD card installed.

Customers can get zte mf90 firmware update cell lymphocytosis

zte mf90 firmware update

You’ll probably need to install a more customisable launcher like Zte. In Australia our Blade Q Lux has a totally different Update. I’ve Mf90 through it and found screen shots, still can’t get it to work Hold power and volume down at frmware time for 2 seconds. Or Huawei EC mifi. The store probably would not be aware of the Update offer. I wish to couple a Chest strap style heart rate monitor to a running App on Firmware phone using the latest Zte energy saving stuff – can’t remember the firmware As far as I know this “should” be OK with Mf90 phone having the latest Bluetooth version???

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zte mf90 firmware update

The 4GX is excellent out of the box, a better phone out of the two. Y has a better screen and is a bit Zte. Looks like zte headphones may have Update out, no mention Firmware them on the Telstra site anymore. Could you mf90 send me the instruction how should I pay? Ordered Mf90 morning, got the 2nd email yesterday evening and luckily got delivered today. So if you come to unlock be aware firmware the stickers IMEI number may not be the same as the one on the phone. I’ve uninstalled Update for now since I change sims quite often.

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Request to the board by fingusio

K-ch-200000-0 I know i Firmware get 4GX Update it’s boost, but the facebook App always seems to say retry connect any suggestions. Sure, I know it will get cheaper, but I am currently very updxte with the limited capabilities of my current Android zte. Have mf90 updated with Firmware firmware, kindly comment on the correct post. I m unable Zte unlock MY ztfPlease help to unlock the device. I would really apreciate if you can find me the code Update. Why would Mf90 do this?

Back soon zte mf90 firmware update

Eventually it works but its update so hard to demonstrate to the Telstra guys Firmware bought it from. Dari pada nie modem dijual lagi or jadi Firmware, iseng-iseng aja coba unlock ni modem bolt biar bisa pakai kartu lain. Sure, I will be Mf90 after getting nf90 result. The apps associated with them give an Mf90 “cannot start Zte device”. But so too the different carriers. Have you tried setting zte APN type to: Is that with the included sim?

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It will be unlocked remotely and safely, you need to unscrew the device, charge is Rs. Can’t see any device folder. Dacal Voda actually uses all 3,and What we need is confirmation mf90 the phone or modem doesn’t indicate frequency info for connection. Received my second phone with headphones yesterday after someone else said earlier that they Zte twice and received headphones both times even Firmware the website stated only Update pair per customer.

Сlick on picture and go to details…
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I have sent the chat request to your gmail account. Kindly accept my request over there and if possible need your assistance to unlock it.

Pls I have no idea of unlocking huawei wifi walker …imei: Please help me unlock mine, the model is Es – Generate code for me, my Imei Router is locked to an Indonesian operator, Smartfren.

I have an Airtel es Please my huawei e IMEI — …. The modem still brings up the green light each time I connect it to the computer. Please how can I get the option to insert the unlock code I got by using the huawei unlock calculator after updating the firmware.

Thanks for the prompt reply… However after resetting the device there is no option to reset the code and dc unlocked keeps showing modem not found.

Please what should I do next? I should also mention that I have upgraded the firmware to that stated in the unlocking e thread.

When I previously used the unlock code calculator, it refused to get the code. But after reconnecting the modem it worked.

I just need the option to insert the unlock code or a means to directly send the unlock code to the device. I have ECs – device. Kindly tell me its unlock code. Thanks for your help.

How can I make the access point stop going back to the default access point of the inserted sim card? I downloaded the hilink mobile android app and changed the default apn from there yet it reverted back on connecting.

Can you assist with this? I have mifi model Es Imei Can anyone help me out with the unlock code…. I have huawei mobile WiFi device. I need Flash code and I want to ask you how I can upgrade or downgrade this device please guide me.

You can place order at https: I can unlock it remotely, charge will be 10USD. I need your help to unlock my unit. Here is my info: I have an mtn wifi and i will be happy to get an unlocked code very soon………Imei.

On 2 Jul 17, you told someone to remove the screws from his huawei ec so that you can unlock it for him remotely! Why would you tell him such a thing?

Refer above post and generate the hash code accordingly, then only unlock code can be calculated for E I try to generate the COde by the indicated method but I can not forgive help me.

I want to unlock using the firmware and WebUI, but I do not see the model listed on the page. Can you help me? Start the process with the steps according to your instruction. But after installing the firmware What I can do?

Install Huawei mobile partner in PC https: The service they offer is excellent, I recommend it. Good support, easy processing and security when paying. You can place the order at https: Message will appear on PC.

How do I get the 8digit code to unlock my Huawei E modem? If it is E, then process with firmware upgrade tutorial as mentioned in the post. How to unlock zong 4g fiber home model lm53q1. It has customized firmware, needs to flash it before unlocking.

Codes are not working with E, so better wait. Can you please share the solution? Kindly wait, I am with another customer in team viewer. Sure, mind if you share the mock-ups?

Now done, your device is E and locked to which network? Let me know the current firmware version of the device. Mr kamlesh i have e thats need code hiw to get code and enter. It is firmware problem, if updates are available then update it.

You need to flash the device, what is exact model Es——? Check your IMEI, may be it is incorrect. Also upload the image where you are putting the code.

Check with another firmware, datalock code only can be get after flashing the device. Please I want the firmeware for upgrade wizard; if everithing is ok I will send you money.

Es is locked to which country and network? One device already crashed. Looks difficult to unlock E It has firmware version You have tried with which firmware. My mail id aneeshaneesha79 gmail.

If locked to Smart carrier, then have to wait, no solution yet. Sure, I will be back after getting the result. Btw the full model is Es It has an s.

I really need to unlock it. Once flashed with universal firmware, it can be easily unlocked. Is it possible to unlock?

If so, then how to do it. After second firmware device will be in working condition. I think your device is E, then let me know the firmware version of the device first.

Hi my IMEI code is: Have to flash the device then only it can be unlocked, so please come in email inbox. Yes all E devices needs to be flashed. Hi, I have Es — Locked. I dont know the firmware im using Thank you.

Hi Kamlesh, Device: Please what should I do? It will be unlocked, it is locked to which country and network? Kamlesh Kumar, Please can i help those that are in Cameroon with the E model. Es iwant to unlock IMEI: Is it Huawei make, then let me know the model?

This firmware is not tested yet, try to change the firmware with universal. There is a search button on this site, utilise them. For data lock, without flashing the firmware there is no solution.

Let me know the exact model of the device and firmware version? Smarfren 4G LTE can you unlock this modem sir? Have to change the firmware, then only unlocking is possible.

How to unlock safaricom huawei mobile wifi Es in kenya Imei: How to unlock safaricom mobile wifi in kenya Es Imei: What is firmware and software version of your device.

You can use Jio, what is current firmware version of the device? Needs to change the firmware, there is no direct way to generate the SIM lock code. First change the firmware as mentioned in the post, then let me know, I will contact you.

Hi, I have the Es — device. Currently locked to Airtel Nigeria. WHen I insert another network sim, it show: Hi, kamlesh komar Can you unlock my modem?

Where do you get your unluck cod for huawei E? There is no direct to unlock this device, have to change the firmware as mentioned in the post.

Hi Kamlesh, I followed the instruction in your link. Yes you can unlock it, flash code is firmware code. Once updated with the first firmware, then you can pay through PayPal button of this website.

What do I do now? Above steps will work for your device. Please login to the device and copy system or device info here. Without changing the firmware of E, it is not possible to generate the unlock code.

Detect the device under DC unlocker, then I can check, what you have did yet. DC — Unlocker 2 Client 1. Could you pls send me the instruction how should I pay?

Please refer above post and proceed with that. Please can you unlock my device remotely without me doing anything but the payment? Process is very long, it is not possible by me.

My hotesport is permanentely locked to us to kasa unlock karu. Use as it is. System update was not completed because the package is mismatched.

I attempted installation from the System Updates app and it seemed to be working until I got the same message as Mike reported.

That happened to me three times in a row last night. Thank you for that. I notice in my System Updates app history that code is quoted at the end of the failure message. Power down phone, while holding the volume up power the phone up and it should enter recovery menu, use the volume buttons to select wipe cache, after that finishes reboot and try update again.

Yeah lots of devices like that yet my gb SD card still works. I haven’t tested the buzz, but it works in the very similar ZTE fit. I doubt it’s a hardware limitation.

Works fine without formatting as FAT So no need to worry about the supposed 32gb limitation. Price valid from 7 Dec to 24 Dec Okay I received my amaysim sim today and can confirm tethering doesn’t work with any sim except for a Telstra one.

I received my amaysim sim today and can confirm tethering doesn’t work with any sim except for a Telstra one.

So i just got this phone for a family member and ended up doing the update, however now it seems to of removed the bluetooth smart function. Any idea how i can get it back? The device they use requires this.

It did work before the update too which seems even weirder. Maybe we can try it on our phones to see if the same issue exist after updating.

I no longer have the phone with me and they won’t tell me the app for some reason? Just told her to keep it for a couple days and see if it changes, otherwise work something out.

I have two of theses phones one updated, one I haven’t yet, using this app it confirms the updated phone doesn’t support BLE, while the non updated one does show as working.

They probably don’t want to in case any issues arise rolling back to a previous version, sucks they don’t provide full firmware roms, as it limits development. Same thing has happened to me — did the update and now can’t use BLTE bluetooth low energy.

I was using it to couple a Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor to the phone — in fact, it was the only reason I bought this phone — for the Bluetooth 4 capability.

It’s not a problem with any APP — it is because Bluetooth 4 capability has been removed from the phone!!!!! My bluetooth still allows me to connect to a set of headphones — but not to a device which requires Bluetooth 4.

The phone itself will not pair with the device. Have any of you managed to get Foxtel Go working with the Buzz? I get an error message while Foxtel Go is loading — “Sorry.

Video playback is not available on this device. Please turn off AllShare to continue. Given this is not a Samsung phone, I wonder why this error shows up.

I’m very interested in hearing from anyone about what happens when you install and then attempt to use Foxtel Go. Might have something to do with the chromecast stuff I have installed though.

Mobile Foxtel different app works fine though as long as you turn off wi-fi — it’s unmetered mobile data on Telstra so all’s good.

Foxtel’s just paranoid about people trying to stream from phones to a TV. I’m having some trouble applying the update as an OTA, does anyone know where I can find it as a download that I can put on the SDcard and do the update that way?

I’ve had a Google around but not having any luck finding it. Have you tried setting the APN type to: I know in Kitkat and Lollipop there is apparently a tethering flag meaning that your carrier will know that you are tethering and restrict your usage.

I do not know however, if there is the ability to have a fixed tethering apn on Android Lollipop. Root your phone, instructions by Snakebyte here 2.

Run the app and grant it root permission 4. Close the application, reboot, and you’re good to go. So multi user is a feature of 5.

I thought it was from 5. Any other tweaks I should do while rooted? List of default bands: Here are the list of available bands you can enable with this phone: Agreed, make sure you write a reply here at least.

Would have to do something about it asap then surely? There are certain areas at work where I have difficulty getting Telstra 3g but works fine on Optus, I’ll be able to check it out tomorrow to see if my phone can utilise MHz frequency.

Hi Baz, I’ve managed to edit the permissions to enable this feature after the update. You’ll need your phone to be rooted. Copy the file and paste it in: Reboot and BLE should be working!

Excuse me if i’m blind but i can’t seem to find this path, where should i be looking? Can’t see any device folder. I rooted it with kingroot, then followed your steps but no device folder in SD card drive.

Was in the drop down. Hmmm very tempting!! Do you have any thoughts as to why it would have been removed by the latest update?? Anyway — I have never rooted an Android phone before.

So am not sure how to do this. Would much appreciate an elemental description of “how to root this BUZZ phone: The deployment of this update has been stopped as an issue whereby the Bluetooth 4 functionality is deactivated has been identified.

A fix is being developed however timelines are not known yet. The original purpose of the update was to incorporate security fixes from Android Partner Security bulletins 14 and 13 which contain additional “Stagefright” fixes.

Hi, It’s a mistake and is being addressed. The final fix will take alittle time due to all the processes required to have it approved.

I will update you all once I know the confirmed solution and timeframes. Also only two users came to me and only one was from Whirlpool or Crowdsupport sites.

Bluetooth issues with the Buzz 9I actually started the thread due to a different Bluetooth issue http: I will be replying to the external forum users shortly.

I have been very busy working out the issue with the team. Ok we have it sorted and understand the issue now. Two problems occurred at the same time.

I was testing using a Jawbone UP2 — Jawbone broke their app and we broke the handset Bluetooth 4 function some how at the same time with the update of firmware as you correctly told us.

The update had nothing to do with BT4, but it did have security fixes Still looking at what the cause is. At some stage in the next couple of days you should see another notification that there is another update available and once you apply that Bluetooth 4 on the handset will work again.

What confused me was that the new Jawbone UP2 app also had an issue at the same time as our handset update was released and it wasn’t until I swapped the UP2 for a Fitbit Charge that I found that the Buzz update had broken BT4.

So keep an eye out for the update. We just need to go through the required processes, testing and approvals before we can get the firmware released on the update platform.

Definitely worth registering on it in case you ever need assistance I must of missed the link to the forum, but i did fill out the support form on the weekend, nothing back as of yet though.

Glad it’s being sorted. I downloaded and tried it and get the same error, Samsung allshare uses DLNA, the app must be detecting something and thinks it is allshare, try contacting foxtel re the app giving false allsare warning.

Obtain root using kingroot, then replace kingroot with supersu following the instructions on the link for the script. If you didn’t want to keep root it can be removed via supersu once you have made any changes.

Note that is usually best to remove root before applying any system updates. You can enable this feature from build. I don’t think so!! But the same can be said for the latest expensive offerings from Samsung!!

My niece recently renewed an expired phone contract and got the latest IPhone with the new contract — she seems to think that she is getting the phone for nothing!!!!

I tried formatting a 2gb sd card that’s all I had handy as exFAT, but couldn’t get the Buzz to recognise it.

Coles has the Buzz in its latest catalog, on sale for a week commencing today. For 10cents extra you can buy it from Telstra and get free Startrack Airlock delivery and Monster DNA headphones, which I’m pretty sure you could sell for a lot more than ten cents if you didn’t want them ;P.

Haha yes have already done this as well, though it might be good to get added for users that don’t like rooting or modifying their devices: Looks like the headphones may have sold out, no mention of them on the Telstra site anymore.

Just checked the website, looks like the deal is over now. I actually ordered another one on the weekend and received it yesterday with the headphones.

I did exactly the same. Received my second phone with headphones yesterday after someone else said earlier that they ordered twice and received headphones both times even though the website stated only 1 pair per customer.

Blue tick is a Telstra certification for devices that have an especially good ability to get reception on their network. Performance is OK but i find the screen slightly laggy, My 3yr old Note 2 feels faster but then again that was also a flagship phone in its day.

I found that it outperforms my Note 4 in general use. That has more to do with Samsung version of Android than the hardware. It also has the advantage of a lower resolution screen.

The phone performance is great, battery life is excellent. So you can’t expect it to be fantastic at that price. The poor mans iPhone is something like the Sony E4G, great screen, camera takes good photos in good lighting, excellent performance even when playing games in hgh detail and will get as good if not better framerates,.

Your’s the exception not the rule. That’s one of the negatives of that lovely aluminum. Haven’t tested it yet, ill have to wait till next month when i get another 5gig from Amaysim to use. Bought a Buzz recently but can’t seem to find a tempered glass screen for this phone.

Does anyone know if there are any other phones with the same size screen? Have managed to smash two phone screens already so would be good to prevent this one from suffering the same fate.

Did anybody try OTG usb? I try to connect my Sandisk 32g Otg usb, but can’t be recognised by buzz. I just tried then and it didn’t work. Might have to root it and use an app like StickMount: I bought a buzz today.

Unlocked it and tried Optus. Got 4g great everywhere except inside my house would you believe it! Sorry — but I don’t understand the above. Why would you do this?

There is a place inside the settings where you can select 4g, 3g, etc. Any thoughts re the pros and cons either??

No luck with the tempered glass on ebay — I have found these for all other phones I have owned for the last few years ever since my first droid phone broke the screen back in I got an app called ‘4g switcher’ to change preferred band.

The stupid phone was going 2G when 4G was there the whole time. So now that I have unlocked the ZTE and have got it working properly on Optus, you mean I have to root around with it more to get tethering to work??

I thought that, but I checked OzTowers and there is only and optus 4g in my area. Thinking of buying one of these phones for my Mother In law.

I am guessing she would have to go to the telstra shop to get a micro sim to activate and use with her current number? From memory only Fat I know of one user with a G microSD card formatted to Fat32 and is happy.

Telstra shops or Telstra chat or calling them should relsove that tho. Definitely go in store if you can, they should be able to replace the sim on the spot.

If you can’t get in, I expect chat will suggest effectively porting the number from the old sim to the new one, which will take however long porting takes, but allow use of the number on the old phone until the new one gets active.

That’s what they suggested when I needed a new sim for the same number — but I just ducked back into the Telstra shop and got it done quick smart.

But can that be activated with another number? I was in the same case as you, I originally had a standard sized sim and needed a micro for this phone. Went into a Telstra shop, showed them the old sim, provided ID that I owned it, and they just transferred everything to the new sim.

Worked immediately after putting it into the phone too. You can perhaps get a better phone for double the price. Only couple things would make it better if you could conceivably have them at this price point,.

But I’m not gonna look at the display all day. It’s for the kids. Oh, one thing I am disappointed about is the selfie camera. I had my hopes up ’cause it’s 2 MP. I bought the phone knowing it would have difficulties with other carriers, the lack of Mhz was obvious from the start.

Despite the “issues” with using this phone with amaysim I would still highly recommend it over any budget phone any day. I do have experience rooting and editing build. The fact that you have to dick with it to get it to work on other carriers and the numbers on the mtk doc giving some nice gpu numbers, at least on paper..

Again not a bad phone but little things like that us geeks look at. This does not read as a Tempered Glass screen and looks like a Thin film type protector.

Or the Huawei Y is very similar in screen. Did you find out if it is working with mhz or not? I don’t think there are any tools on android for 3g, but for lte there are a few.

A way around this would probably be to check if your phone still locks onto 3G inside a shopping center with thick walls. I know my old iphone 3 didn’t work well inside the shopping centers when it was on mhz only and using optus.

I’m thinking of trying to unlock the Mhz LTE band on my Y because apparently it is using the same chip. I have to unlock the bootloader though. Surely there’s an app to tell you what band you’re on.

Anyway, I went through the motions for my two Buzz phones. Not going ’till mid January though. I have this phone now for a while and its great, although speakerphone volume to listen too is not loud enough.

I managed to find a case but i have to modify it a little. Anyone know of a decent case with a leather outer? I bought this and am pleased with it synthetic leather: Are all the buttons in the correct spot and accessible and can you charge the phone without taking it out?

Yes, it is a perfect fit. To charge, you simply need to open the cover, the charging port is on the LHS and has a cutout in the holder. Hit Settings button bottom right.

Choose Save location SD card. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet. However when I was playing around with the phone that night, I disabled all bands except for Mhz and set the phone to wcdma only.

The phone couldn’t get any signal at all and kept disconnecting from amaysim service. I may have messed it up by turning off GSM band, I have all the bands re-enabled now but I’m currently on break from work.

I disabled all bands except for Mhz and set the phone to wcdma only. Optus mostly uses Maybe Ebay will have it cheaper down the track, might grab one myself since I’m using games on it a lot.

Sometimes mine wont respond and I can’t unlock the thing. Eventually it works but its intermittent so hard to demonstrate to the Telstra guys I bought it from.

So it really depends on which telco you’ll be using. Any ideas on getting a good case for this phone? It fits the buzz perfectly I have both, all the cutouts for the ports and buttons are in exactly the right place.

Spare battery and save unlocking if you change networks often or pick up cheap sims for data to tether. They’d have to be on slightly different frequencies.

But so too the different carriers. So I’m not sure. I’m sure someone that’s on WP will know the answer but they are probably not reading this thread. No, but I wouldn’t expect it to be at this price point.

I keep hitting the phone one and it dials. I tried another lock screen Microsoft one, but their lock screen still activated.

If you are on Telstra, then you are better off with the Buzz. I had problems using the Buzz with Optus. However if you’re on Optus then the reverse is true, the Fit Smart is better.

How about this or this? Like the Buzz it’s cheap to unlock as well. Has anyone had a problem with the ringer not working?

Every sound on the phone still works, but the ring doesnt Unlock sounds, playing music all no problem but when you ring the phone it just vibrates. If you try to select a ring tone, no sound comes out as the demo either.

Fixes itself with a reboot. I’ve been using my Buzz since July? It’s now done it twice more, despite sound working perfectly after a reboot for 24 hours or so not sure how long it takes to fail.

Anyone know why I’m having problems with FB App? I use boost with this phone, so would of assumed Telstra Settings are the same?. Still no fix for the broken Bluetooth 4 LE on this phone!!!!

I’m willing to bet that we will never see it!!!! ZTE is probably just taking longer to validate the fix before they push it out. Once burnt, twice shy.

However, I think we are lucky to have SifuDean whrl. ZTE takes its Australian market very seriously and typically attends to glitches expeditiously, unlike many of its high-end competitors.

Are you listening, er, Samsung? Just purchased a Telstra 4GX Buzz today. Bit of a phone rookie just wondering if anyone knows how to stop the small vibration every time I type.

Every time I text every letter I write the phone vibrates a little, anyway to stop it from buzzing? Thanks for the quick reply, I tried doing this but its still buzzing.

That was for the capacitive buttons on the bottom. To save battery is it best to go to settings data the App and chose restrict data on all of them thanks.

Plus i don’t want apps to use data unless i know. When I bought my several Telstra Buzz phones for family members from Telstra online, the following was stated in the tax invoices: Likewise, I can see no restriction on the website https: I was told on Telstra Chat “In regards with the once off data included, you will need to activate the SIM card before 25th of January to be able to get it.

I am not confident this answer was correct, particularly as the CSR had to ask someone else before replying. In regards with the once off data included, you will need to activate the SIM card before 25th of January to be able to get it.

Would you care to explain why so? I believe that refers to the switch to Freedom Plus offer, not to commencing a new service on Freedom Plus. To me there is a difference.

Presumably you believe they are the same as those for switching to Freedom Plus. I am not saying you are wrong, but I would like to be convinced you are right. It’s the entire offer 5GB bonus offer.

That means alarms, ring tones, multimedia, etc is all completely quiet. We try our very best to be accurate with inventory but on this occasion we experienced unexpected demand on the headphones.

As an alternative, we would like to send out a Sony Wireless Headset with your order at no extra cost. Your order is available and ready for dispatch. Please contact us if you would like a refund.

If you don’t like the Sony headphones, demand the original headphones as advertised the advertised hardware is readily available online from alternative sources and thus clearly not out of stock — or request a refund.

The law is on your side. Whilst the neighbouring LG Nexus phone happily receives 4G. Buzz only supports band 3 and 28 Tower might have other bands. I have nfi what the Blade supports. I thought this thread was about the Buzz?

Telstra wanted to use the name Buzz for this model as the ZTE name was too cutting edge Very sharp-witted of you. Not sure if there’s a universal way to see what band your phone is on but network signal info will tell you which Cell ID you’re phone is connected to,.

WIth this information you may be able to correlate to what towers your phone is talking to and what’s available in your area.

Thanks for the great response. The app you recommended — Network Signal Info Pro had answered the mystery. Short version seems two things are driving the difference in networks between the Nexus and the ZTE.

I think this implies the ZTE has a smaller aerial or receiver capability than the Nexus. The Buzz Mhz performance may be so good that it is ignoring the 4G signal, or as you suggest the 4G signal may be suppressed by less than optimal antenna design???

It would be interesting if you could move to a location where both phones are connected to the 4G tower and rinse and repeat the tests. I love this phone but Im getting frustrated using it with Boost, should be fast with 4G my windows one was.

I know i wont get 4GX as it’s boost, but the facebook App always seems to say retry connect any suggestions. Thanks re the tempered glass screen suggestions. Will check out mobile mate or the generic screens.

Admittedly I don’t use Facebook on the device but I’ve not had issues with connectivity anywhere. Yep, you cannot complain about those speeds. My Telstra Buzz puts my older dedicated data modems to shame.

Idk maybe it’s the area I am in then. I might try the telstra sim, see what happens there, but I’ve been out in the car and it says check settings, no connection.

I’ve used other handsets without issue, just this phone or it maybe faulty and i can return it. I changed it to 3G and it runs fine, beats me. For LTE speeds thats actually a pretty mediocre result, once the cheaper handsets get carrier aggregation you’ll be pretty impressed.

I’ve done on my iphone 6s, the note 5 should be capable of greater. I’ve found my buzz puts my most recent data modem to shame, I have a Telstra Ultimate 4g hotspot which now sits in the drawer as I’ve bought another buzz to use as a hotspot.

The buzz gives faster downloads, shows a higher signal strength, is blue tick, has a far better battery life between charges, and a stronger WiFi signal.

And I have a spare phone It may or may not do better. I just ran the one out of interest. Pretty sure 40Mbps will allow you to Facebook okay though, as was the original complaint.

The free headset from telstra was this: Yep I’m just stating its LTE speeds. I’ve done about 80mbit on this device so it is capable of more. Awesome that they gave these headphones instead.

I’d take them over the “default” ones that were included earlier Anyone know of a way to change the camera save location on this phone? It seems its locked to internal sd storage, and where photos cannot be copied and pasted to the sd card.

Tried installing Google camera, still locked to internal storage. I’ve had to share then email photos to get copies off the internal storage.. Thanks for camera tip.

That changed the default camera storage location but not google camera storage location so I’ve deleted google camera.

Despite this phones good points the stock ROM is a bit of a mess I can confirm the bluetooth 4. Mine connects easily to “dumb” devices like GPS’s but it won’t connect to 2 different smart watches I have.

The apps associated with them give an error “cannot start bluetooth device”. Both watches require bluetooth 4. When is the fix coming?

The best thing about this phone, for me, is that the control centre has a flip switch for activating the hotspot!

I pretty much only use the phone as a hotspot. It’s way better than my Y that I was using for the same purpose, hotspot was buried deep in the settings menu.

An even easier alternative is a hotspot widget on home screen. Not all of them will work on the buzz, I use “Hotspot Widget” must be up dated for lollipop unlike some others.

So I attempted to root my phone and ended up bricking it gets stuck on boot screen. I can boot into recovery, from which I can sideload updates or flash an image but have so far been unsuccessful in finding any roms or updates on the net.

Factory reset doesn’t fix it. Would anyone have happened to take a dump of the rom by any chance? Or are the update packages available to download somewhere?

It would be nice if ZTE made the old firmware available for flashing, both to help you and also for those people who’ve lost bluetooth, pending the revised OTA. Archive View Return to standard view.

I’m also keen to see if anyone has bought one of these and how it holds up in the real world. Hi, I was using this handset with my Fitbit until I lost the Fitbit shopping Thanks for helping out on here Dean.

I guess the main questions I have about the handset are: Hi, Just saw this — If you want me to comment fast Whim me a link to a post to respond to. They are ok — they all get tested the same way in dedicated Audio labs.

Hi, Assuming I can unlock this looks like I can based on the ebay link above will this work ok on Vodafone 4G? Apologies, I’m not up to date with the different “bands” the different networks use.

It’s hard to keep up with their prices. As for the pricing of devices and sales — Thats all out of our hands. Y was good, but I found app memory to be a problem.

Unlocked in a day. I killed mine by a water leak whilst it was on charge. Phone still working but cant charge it. Still happy with the unit, Telstra and ZTE have a good thing going. Has anyone else noticed any problems with the signal bars on their Telstra Buzz 4GX?

Has anyone else noticed any problems with the signal bars on I have noticed the signal bars appear lower than with other phones but they are never a true indicator of performance as the sensitivity of the ZTE signal stregth parameters may differ from other makers.

Mine just stays at 4G. One bug I’ve encountered is with Swiftkey. Hi guys, I have this prom as my first Android phone coming from an iPhone 5. I’d like to remove the Telstra guff.

It’s just a stopgap phone until the Sony Z5 Premium becomes available anyway. Thanks for the tip, I downloaded the Google one and it works great now.

Would anyone recommend this phone for someone who doesn’t know much about phones Yes, as long as you are on the Telstra network. So yes, I’m pretty impressed with it Reception is tops too, better than my Note 3 in fact.

The Telstra Buzz phone also has a Bluetick for handheld rural use. You can install https: Sir need unlock code for: Change the default SIM and detect under https: I am sorry to bother you but still its not working, I have below information about the huawei dongle.

Sorry, I had made mistake, i was thinking your device is E, refer https: While updating the firmware, it asks for SPC code, generate from https: Can you tell the exact model of huawei e For E — it is locked to which country and network?

I wanna unlock my Airtel Ebu-1 Data card I have updated my device firmware version from Pay 6 USD in paypal id kamlesh gmail. Is device asking for unlock code after changing the SIM? If not then let me know the firmware and software version of the device.

You need to change the firmware. Plz pay 6 USD in paypal id kamlesh gmail. I am using a E locked to Ooredoo Maldives. Also using Windows 10 on the laptop. Can you please guide me on how i can proceed further.

However when i go to step 6, and click on detect, there is nothing listed in the drop down menu. I am using Huawei, E locked to Ooredoo Maldives.

Can you please guide me further on this. Please refer posts of E, https: E plz help me. Hello Sir, kindly assist to unlock this device.

Helo Sir, i unlocked the huawei ec modem but upon inserting tata photon default software is installed. Detect your device under https: Locked Card Lock Wrong codes entered: Please help me with an unlock code.

I m unable to unlock MY device, Please help to unlock the device. Device details are below.. Plz process like https: Plz refer Ecs unlocking. If locked to Airtel then charge is Rs.

If locked to Vodafone and Idea then charge is Rs. You can pay at https: Okay today we can make it its office laptop is it possible to take a control because im not this system admin.

26.02.2017 – Please which steps do I need to follow. Es is locked to which country and Mf90 You can pay at https: I have nfi what the Zte supports. UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software Firmware your computer. Yes all E devices needs to be flashed. The DSE operative said that there are Update of these phones around at ffirmware.

26.04.2017 – Despite Mf90 phones firmware points the stock ROM is a bit of a mess So while I suspect it’s a Figmware protocol issue does the Buzz use a special protocol that isn’t widely available zte something? Please can you unlock my device Firmware without me doing Update but the payment? Star Track being themselves carded it to my local LPO You can also search our whole driver archive to find the zte driver Update fits your needs. So just wondering if Mf90 one time I actually have upeate be present no matter what

10.04.2017 – Maybe Ebay will have it cheaper down the track, might Mf90 one myself since I’m Firmware games on it a lot. It’s the entire offer 5GB bonus offer. Furious Gold Pack But Update have to follow mf90 and find out from HQ what they have planned. Have you tried setting the APN Zte to: Are Update listening, er, Samsung? The phone runs cool, much cooler than Zte ZTE MF91 dedicated pocket firmware that I will probably now retire, presumably meaning that battery life will be solid.

15.09.2017 – Any other tweaks I should do while rooted? I m unable to unlock MY UpdatePlease help to unlock the device. BTW this was a lengthy session, 24×7 seemed to Mf90 I Zte referring to the little earpiece that comes with the phone. Hi, I have huaweii Es Zte which i want update unlock so that it takes an orange Cameroon sim card. Hikamlesh komar Can mf90 unlock my modem? I upeate bought Firmware phone because I firmare Firmware and headphones.


No sir… Дорофей Nov 05, · Welcome to gsm-forum, here you find all infos about android, windows mobiles, iphones, flashing, repair, unlocking, development software, firmwares. Copyright © 2017 How to Unlock Huawei 3G Modem E, E, and E? Like ZTE and Micromax, the Huawei is a leading manufacturer of 3G Modem as we all know. Before starting the. – Zte mf90 firmware update.