Zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

valid until 2018/1/23

Legal part of the question: I am going to stop by an Aldi after work and see if there is any in stock. Glad I slept in! zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h
MK II Mini PC Android Android TV Box A10 Cortex A8 1GB RAM 4G ROM.. JXD SB Quad Core RK 7 Inch IPS Android Tablet GamePad.. Inch x pixels IPS capacitive Multi-touch Screen 2GB RAM – China A9 E72 ePad Tablet PC Android Cortex A9 1GHz 3G Wifi HDMI UPAD. Measy Brand U2A Original RK Dual Core Android Wifi Mini PC TV MK II Mini PC Android Android TV Box A10 Cortex A8 1GB RAM 4G ROM HDMI ” Z Android Tablet PC Zenithink zt Cortex A9 1GHz 8GB 1GB Inch x pixels IPS capacitive Multi-touch Screen 2GB RAM – China.

Your stuff breaks, zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

10 inch Zenithink ZT ePad Tablet pc Google Android MB 2GB 1GHZ. 10 inch Zenithink ZT ePad Tablet pc Google Android MB 2GB 1GHZ. Baled. club Page 2 – Toàn Quốc ipad 7inch = k, Renesas A9 duo core, Dropad A8 samsung, Zenithink Zenithink UPad C71 Tablet Pc 1Ghz Cortex A9 7 inches Capacitive multitouch Android WiFi Webcam HDMI 7″capacitive screen M Dual core Cortex A9 Renesas EV2 Android 1GHz/M/4GB bluetooth HDMI. She is thinking of buying two of Aldi’s Android ” tablets to be released on June 6. The Cube has dual core cortex A9 ghz, quad core ARM Mali gpu, If the neighbour hasn’t bought the dongle yet, definitely get the Wi-Fi one. dacal. info

Time Warner Company zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

Elixir doesnt tell us that, system tuner will. Some people think this is most inconvenient situation despite having gone to the store to buy the item in the first place I have an apple ipad3 that i use for work tabler he can’t use it for flash enabled site Zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h She is thinking of buying two of Aldi’s Android ” tablets to be released on June 6. The Cube has dual core cortex A9 ghz, quad core ARM Mali gpu, If the neighbour hasn’t bought the dongle yet, definitely get the Wi-Fi one. dacal. info [China Tablet] Hướng dẫn thay đổi-nâng cấp-cài lại firmware bảng UPAD A9 hàng Trung Cẩu, đang chạy android, h em nó bị hỏng Reference Zenithink UPad E71 Camera / Webcam Front Megapixels Screen Size 7 inches Multitouch 5 points. dacal. info

850 zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

Deemed the fourth zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h that jaw-dropping

Tempo wanted me to work with them to improve the quality of their products cottex to Aldi. If you plugin an external micro SD card — that is all it will see — you lose the internal 16gig one. It’s a very active part of the Android scene and there’s nothing wrong with editing the original ROM to include changes you want on your device Even the free versions are good.

sony xperia xz1 zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h how test
Dacal It is a true dual core tablet but of course with anything there is the risk of other issues. Could be a situation where the stock at some stores doesnt sell and the left over iches from those stores is consolidated

Measy Brand U2A Original RK Dual Core Android Wifi Mini PC TV MK II Mini PC Android Android TV Box A10 Cortex A8 1GB RAM 4G ROM HDMI ” Z Android Tablet PC Zenithink zt Cortex A9 1GHz 8GB 1GB Inch x pixels IPS capacitive Multi-touch Screen 2GB RAM – China. Manuels tablettes PC Mot de passe: dacal. info PiPo M9 Android ZT Zepad C91 Android 2,3 Flytouch4 3G Zenithink ZT Zepad et Upad. cortex A9 à 1Ghz (testé à Mhz) et d’Android voir maintenant Android Color display: 7 inch () TFT highlight display LCD capacitive Multi-Touch. Page 2 – Toàn Quốc ipad 7inch = k, Renesas A9 duo core, Dropad A8 samsung, Zenithink Zenithink UPad C71 Tablet Pc 1Ghz Cortex A9 7 inches Capacitive multitouch Android WiFi Webcam HDMI 7″capacitive screen M Dual core Cortex A9 Renesas EV2 Android 1GHz/M/4GB bluetooth HDMI.

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Eken tablets Android 4. Zenithink ZTpad C91 et C71 upgrade. Zenithink ZT Zepad et Upad help. Telechips 10 pouces. AiShuo a 8 pouces. Manuel Quick Guide Android 4. Manuel utilisateur Smartphone Samsung Android 4.

Zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

User Manual Smartphone Android 4. Mini iPhone 4 clone H Toutes les touches de fonctions Android home, back, menu et de volume sont digitale. Opad Renasas, Upad C71 Android 4.

Zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

A comparer au score des autres tablettes: Tests de surf avec le Wifi: Gmail, Skype, et Gtalk. Pour cela elle offre un look exclusif. Par contre son format 4: Dans les transports en commun, ou en vacances, elle sera plus pratique.

Zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

Cette barre est personnalisable, vous pouvez y mettre par exemple les applications que vous utilisez le plus. Jeux 3D ne fonctionnant pas: An example of this is snow gear at the Vic Carrum store hasnt traditionally sold well and left over stock gets distributed to stores where it either sold out or there was high demand So the million dollar question, has anyone managed to root this thing yet?

I think you find they have complied with the Act. They stated there were limited quantities. If it had been three, it might have been a problem.

Zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

Given another store could have had another similar product on special for less, I think Aldi is in the clear. Got it at, fully charged. Poor quality screen, washed out colours, poor resolution: Not worth the low price.

I queued up today just to verify that plus it would be a nice surprise if it turns out to be a dual core MX. I was told by a staff saying that they will have new stock in 50 days or so. I doubt this would be a consolidation of stock due to the time frame involved, 50 day wait sound like a new batch of product to me.

Zenithink upad e71 tablet pc 1ghz cortex a9 7 inches capacitive multitouch android 2 2 wifi webcam h

For the third-generation new iPad, Apple has taken a significant step up in display capabilities and expense, at four times the resolution and 53 percent more cost.

He is getting an error saying unable to download error He has cleared the data and cache but problem is still there..

Error is coming up when trying to download any games.. Has anyone else had this and if so how can it be fixed Other that this problem he loves it.: Try deleting the google account associated with the device, then clear the cache and re-add the account Anyone got a problem with the People App.

Seems to be missing on mine. Contacts are not available as a sync option in the Google account? I will agree that the colours look a little washed out and are not as vibrant as some other tablets, and we’re not exactly talking Retina display here, but I had no problem reading text, in fact I think the text looks quite sharp, all things considered..?

I’m a bit annoyed about that too. This is one detail that really shouldn’t be too hard for them to report accurately. Managed to snag one this morning. I am dissapointed t o hear so many missed out, there were people buying units.

Both lines the first few ppl bought several each. This is my first tab so can’t compare and haven’t had time to tinker yet. Keyboard is slow and I gert lots of sorry xx has closed errors when using apps.

Still very early days’ not set up properly yet. Seems a ploy to placate those who missed out, but may depend on staff finding those scraps of paper they wrote names on.

Aldi are not set up to assist customers like that — eg no Customer Service counter. So check back, as they may not contact you if you left your name. But Aldi now is restocking items that in the past would only appear at sales.

New stock appeared months after sale date. Never heard of stock being moved around before — like with ski gear. Managers usually mark down remaining stock to clear it.

Aldi distribute different amounts to each store. He had opened a new account as he forgot the old one he use to use Still didnt work after your instructions so did it once more with the old account as he finally remembered it and it now works He has angry birds and is very happy..

Before this one he had a nextbook premium 8 which was crap and he sent it back and then bought a zenethink z which the battery lasted 1 hour after charge so he is sending it back also to get money back.

This one is the best by far Return the unit not satisfied, defective, Aldi will give you your money back, no questions asked. You then go back and buy another one. This is what I do if I buy a defective unit from Aldi and if I still want another unit.

Hi, Bought one earlier but haven’t had chance to play with yet but I can confirm that it states 1 GHz dual core processor on the box My sister got me one, have to go pick it up tonight, all i want one for is Facebook, Skype and some simple games for my daughter to play.

My dad loves his he got this morning Probably so they offer all the returns to registered customers. Its the downside to an easy returns policy.

People don’t tell staff the item is faulty as they don’t have to to get their money back. Often it goes back on the shelf within hours, with previous owner’s data still stored on it.

But no store has pointed out what I was buying was used. It is a waste of time buying another person’s reject — at full price. Now I check the contents before leaving the store. Having said that — I returned the Medion Tablet twice.

Ended up using it for nearly 4 months. I filled out fault reports, so the troublesome units would not go back on sale. Aldi have been good for refunds beyond 60 days, when there has been a fault.

Usually you can get a full refund for a faulty product any time within the warranty period. Have fun with it, stay tuned for all the feedback on this thread, and if you don’t like it — take it back within 60 days for a refund.

I bought mine purely to play with ICS, and not to turn this into a apple vs android debate, but this tablet vs iPad, chalk and cheese really. There are other better android tablets out there which are better experience I have my eye on transformer tf For the price I was expecting dual core at least.

At least with this stuff up it gives us a legal leg to stand on if we wish to return it false advertising. So with the return policy, can you simply pack it all back up in the box and return it before 60days after purchase is up?

Absolutely — about the most liberal returns policy around. What a piece of junk it was playing up this morning and i reset it and charged it worked for a while so i put some of my personal photos on it for my wallpaper now it wont even turn on so i can delete my stuff to return it, will not be purchasing any electricals from aldi again.

Bought one of these babies today, having trouble inserting the SD card, keeps popping out. How far do have to push it in? Afraid to insert it too far in, in case I may not be able to get it out later.

When the unit is locked, and you swipe it towards the camera option instead of the unlock, the unit will ask you which program you want to use two to choose from. If you do not choose the “Camera” as the default, then you can run a test program in Chinese that checks the front-facing camera.

Not a big deal I know, but shouldn’t this NOT be in a unit that is sold to consumers? The unit was a bit on the slow side. While reading some news regarding the tablet, I found an article from PC World that says that it is only single core instead of dual-core!

I ran Elixir2 and it showed: On the box and on the flyer it says 1Ghz dual-core. Can anyone else confirm this?

Would that be a matter for the ACCC to investigate? The unit did not have any included mini-HDMI and earphones which was stated on the flyer. I tried calling them but it seems that I can’t get through at the moment.

Called Aldi and they said that they were getting “hammered” with calls. All I get is a busy tone. Is there another way to contact these guys or do I have to wait until tomorrow? How are your tablets?

I feel sorry for those who queued and did not get any while others walked away with a couple in hand. I purchased mine this morning. There were apparently 40 units available, so some people would have missed out.

I did not see anyone with 2 or 3 so that store in Liverpool seems to have limited purchases to 1 per person. So far so good. I find the colours great and the screen easy to read. Drove 70ks this morning aldi casino nsw got there at 8: Thought I would miss out, but they had plenty, was surprised about the no headphones and HDMi cable – was going to post last night that I thought it came with one?

So far is good, finally something with ICS, but can’t see why that is so good yet? Recording has quite a large amount of rumbling and at other times sounds like talking down a pipe.

I have tried speaking near the mic and away, hand holding, sitting on a desk and on a soft carpet bench. I use EverNote and voice2text service which can’t understand the sound.

I play the sound on the computer and at least I can turn up the volume but it is still very bad so it is not just the crappy speakers that are a problem. My Samsung Galaxy S phone records perfect.

Push it all the way in. I used me finger nail. But does fly out when you release it. So do it somewhere safe. It was between this and kogan’s last week.

I decided on this all because of the supposed dual core CPU. Looking at the specs nothing really looked that much different between the 2 other than the CPU. Kids are playing happily on a few games.

Internet seems to run fine. About the only issue observed at the moment might be video playback. Have looked at a few Youtube videos and playback seems very patchy.

I haven’t updated Flash Player yet Couple of months time I get the new Transformer and my good wife inherits the Aldi tablet. Were you using the YouTube app or the YouTube website?

The former is not affected by flash and should be better performing than the latter which uses flash. Was mainly interested in it due to its 4: The irony is that my current tablet has an aspect ratio of Review of Aldi Tablet.

Had to factory reset to get the market working, do this first it is painless and saves setting things up twice. As previous post the sound recording is abysmal and playback very quiet and bad sounding.

My phone is louder and a lot cleaner sound. Screen is OK for me but not as good as the Samsung Phone 4. Touch seems ok, I have not removed the protective plastic on the screen.

It is a lot faster than my phone, despite everyone complaining about the processing power it seems very responsive and I loaded up about 20 of my apps.

It boots quite fast. WiFi sensitivity is down. Just as writing review it has locked up and had to power off. Now loads and locks on the home screen and widgets are not loading.

Now cant even unlock. Is there anyway to reset the Tablet as I can’t get past the lock screen, the lock screen seems normal. Shows preparing SD card and then nothing. I can see the battery and the name of my WiFi network and the icon that shows when testing memory.

Sometimes you leave it for a bit and you have to force power off but sometimes it goes in a reboot cycle itself. I wrote the last post over an hour ago so don’t take the last post as I have not been trying for a while: Quality control is lacking in all products I have tried from this ‘manufacturer’ to Aldi.

Glad I slept in! My screen froze up and I had to reset it. I left it to charge while I was out. Hope its not a recurring thing Looks like all references to this tablet disappeared from aldi website and bauhn, abandoned so soon?

Played with the device, like the unit itself but the hardware is pretty lame. Will be returning it tomorrow. Missed out on this one, was there at 8.

Does anyone know a decent Android Tablet at a reasonable price thats worth buying instead. How do you reset it? Is there something more than just power on and off as I can’t get it fired up and is stuck on unlock screen.

Is there a key combination for a hardware reset? I have tried several it vain hope. I spent 5 hour setting it up with everything and it was good except the microphone.

The clock on the unlock screen is working: Got one this morning. Initially when I open Google Play it opens and I can browse for apps, but can’t download any free apps saying “error processing purchase” so I cleared cache and data, forced closed Google Services Framework.

Now it keeps saying either “server error” and “connection time-out” and wifi drops in and out when i haven’t even moved. Got mine at 9: Overall it’s a very, very good tablet for the price.

The tablet IS a dual core. It’s fast and responsive, the graphics are fine considering the low PPI, the screen is very responsive and the only thing that bothers me is how dark the screen is, which isn’t actually even that bad.

The USB slot is great, I’m installing games from my memory stick and it’s all working fine. Another thing to note is that it doesn’t come with a HDMI converter and cable but you can get these for free by calling Bauhn.

This thing needs to be supported, I’ve had none of the said issues and I have the Google Play store straight away, not the market.

I’d love a dock for this. You should all stop comparing this to those crappy Kogan tablets. It’s fast and responsive and the screen is great.

The Kogan tablets are horrible, the screens are unresponsive, they have slow CPUs and you get horrible warranty. If I get bored of this before two months it’s going back with no questions asked so I don’t care either way.

I reckon with a bit of CM9 magic this thing could be a pretty decent tablet for the price. I’ll hopefully post a video up on Youtube soon-ish I need to actually get the tablet first. It’s on its way home now for all those that are curious to what it’s like.

It says Dual-Core on the box. They can’t just say that it’s dual-core when it’s not. If it actually isn’t dual-core I’m taking it back. The specs show this tablet has an AmLogic M3 processor. A quick search will tell you that is a single-core processor.

If it is a dual core then it will say ‘cpu0 and cpu1’. Hey WaterMelnKidd, if you follow earlier it this thread we discussed some dodgy Chinese manufacturers who try to pass off their single core units as ‘dual core’ by factoring in the GPU.

This is wrong and very misleading as a true dual core unit will have a dual core processor and GPU. I’m not sure whether to keep it now. I seem to have gotten a good one, I have no problems with mine at all and it’s never been laggy or crashed.

I have Steam and a load of games all running right now and it’s multitasking perfectly. I really wanted dual-core but at this price that’s pretty much impossible if you want a capacitive screen as well, which is the biggest point for me.

I seem to have gotten a good one,. You have 60 days to return it for any reason so there’s no problem playing while you decide. It is a true dual core tablet but of course with anything there is the risk of other issues.

You just may be among a few who are happy with their purchase, nothing wrong with that. No, elixir only tells you how many cpu’s it has and yes it only has 1 cpu but what we want to know is how many cores it has.

Elixir doesnt tell us that, system tuner will. I was considering this tablet as the price is hard to beat, though I do prefer the wide screen look rather than 4×3.

I was interested in the usb connection and if you can use the tablet as a usb host. Ok Ryan was nice enough to PM me with reset details to wipe and factory reset.

Boots fine but gets stuck on lock screen or if you are fast to unlock gets stuck on Desktop. If you are very patient and hold a app icon long enough like 60 seconds then it will try and open the app.

At least my data is wiped. Just waiting to hear from anyone if the microphone recording is clear or if it is a design fault.

I would be happy with it if reliable and sound recording was working adequate. Most of the negative comments are getting a bit picky if you consider the price. Yeah you might be able to import from China and then you might end up with a disaster, its a lottery.

At least with Aldi I can get my money back quickly and easily which is why I took the punt and brought it. I would have preferred it to fail before I spent the best part of a day setting up and configuring all my apps and exchange server email.

All up I could have earnt enough money to pay for a known good brand. Anyone know of a good known brand that is likely to be very reliable and light weight, if spending more I guess I would be more picky on a screen and the audio out.

So I am happy with everything how it worked during the day except the audio recording which I do a lot of and obviously the lost day and evening due to dead on day one.

Anyone know of a good known brand that is likely to be very reliable and light weight. But this string can be fudged in the kernel at build time so it’s really only an indicator: I just downloaded system tuner.

Processor armv7 processor rev 4 v7l.. I think that’s an L not a number 1. Cpu implementer 0x41 Cpu architecture 7 cpu varient 0x2 Cpu part 0xc09 Cpu revision 4.

I have to say just by playing angry birds space, you tube and more noticeably scrolling in Google play store. The refresh rate on this is shit. Dont get me wrong, the home screen seems pretty fluid although i do notice a slight stutter with the exception of it not being able to keep up with my finger swipe roughly trailing about cm behind.

And finally, particularly google play store.. Even websites have a slight stutter or fairly noticeable jumps. These kind of comments really bug me.

More to the point, ajoesmith, the unit should BE as advertised. And the Bauhn advertising website for this tablet has been stripped of all content about the tablet. I’m wondering if Aldi have pulled the advertising site for the tablet to reduce the ease of ability to carry out a false advertising lawsuit against them, due to their false and misleading claims on the specs of the tablet.

People who still have the catologue and have bought the tablet and are having problems can take them for false advertising if they want Aldi and bauhn can strip there websites of information but people still have real paper cataolgues that they are forgeting about..

That said my dad bought 1 and his is goign really good. I said a few posts back he has now had the nextbook 8 and the zenithink and had problems with them both and now has this and finally got one that works.

Anyone know what sort of cover to buy. It comes with a case but want a cover for when in use. Doubtful, it’s not as if the data isnt still available.

Probably more to prevent a continuation of misadvertisation. What’s frustrating at least for them is that before it was launched even I could see that it wasn’t going to end up as originally described.

Obvious flaws in the data be spotted by Aldi before putting any product to market I bought it at 8: I have an ipad and wanted something that can take an SD Card and is Flash friendly.

But I was very disappointed with its performance. Screen colour and contrast is substandard can’t even display whites as whites, photos just looks dark.

Lots of stutters, just not as fluid as Ipad1, and the general feel like is just not as polished as the Ipad. The straw that broke the camel’s back was it took at least two clicks to close tabs etc. Hope this is NOT indicative of most Android tablets.

Further to my recent last post about lagg and frame rate.. The default browser can NOT do flash video on Kotaku for example. I did however download Firefox and it did play with that, however it did confirm my suspicions They cant handle video.

The other odd thing as someone else has mentioned. Facebook app is broken and its “not compatable” with the one from the play store Will be taking it back I think.

It looks like the Aldi Tablet struggles with 2d graphics in particular by comparison. Seems the clear issue in my above fluidity problems seems to be the GPU I bought one this morning and fairly happy with it, however the camera is low quality and I don’t think it has a flash???

If you look at a major brand Android tablet closer to the iPads price then you will have a much fairer comparision. IMO its not worth the People get so caught up in cheap You wont use it if its crap.

Well — 8 hours with the tablet and it has been returned for a refund. Washed out, poor colour, poor contrast and brightness. Slow, lots of lags.

Glad it was easy to return. Reviews say the screen is amazing. I picked one up earlier today — decent crowd there before me, and I arrived at 8.

I came from using an Archos which doesnt even work as an alarm clock anymore — and cost somewhat more than this when it first came out. In any event, I am happy with everything so far.

If you are nitpicky though, and want a lavish bright screen, and iPad1 like performance — then please spend a bit more and get a higher end device.

I’d recommend this for casual users, or tablet for a student perhaps. The form factor was a bit larger than many of the 9. What ended up suiting best for me was actually an iPad case with a built in bluetooth keyboard, for when I need to do some heavier typing.

It’s not much more to buy and iPad 2 brand new. There are heaps better ICS tablets than the aldi one. Just pay a little more money.

Or a little less: Creek-Guy, Mine definitely didn’t come with an SD card Just got back from my local Aldi and there were four people waiting to return theirs at opening time.

Futhermore to the issue with apps not showing in Play Store or not being compatible, it seems the Google Chrome Beta browser doesn’t show up either.

I wonder whether this has to do with it only being single core or with the DPI. Saw these at my local Aldi just now, obviously they are going to have another run in the next few weeks.

LOL In 50 days time the ‘new’ stock they will probably start reselling will be all the units that were returned from the first release that have been ‘refurbed’ by the distributor.

They can do this every 50 days until they run out of stock! We just got one of these. One of the ‘lucky’ few. First of all — it is NOT cheap. You can get better units for the same price anywhere else.

The only benefit is the local store and 60 days return policy. It is fairly responsive — no way would I believe it is a dual core CPU as some have suggested.

The external SD card slot is weird. You can use the internal memory 16 gigs OR put in an external micro SD card. You cannot do both. Well, you can — but the system does not see them both.

If you plugin an external micro SD card — that is all it will see — you lose the internal 16gig one. This means that many applications will not even install — it says ‘no SD card found’ and aborts the install.

Worst I have seen in many a year. No that this is a big thing for me, but you certainly would never use it. You certainly don’t have to pay any more money. You could even pay LESS money.

The Windows N90 is about the same price as the Aldi one. And there are many others. And is a VERY respected brand name. The Windows N90 dual core is due out any day and it is 2×1.

As I have said in other posts — the ONLY benefit from buying from Aldi is the local store and the 60 day return policy. This is a great advantage, of course, but if you do your homework you can do MUCH better than the Aldi offering.

I have the same problem. I have tried deleting the google account, cleared the cache, enterd Google Play and signed in with the Google Account, but still get the error.

Time to pack it up and return it to Aldi for refund! Both are identical spec wise except the 10″ has a bigger screen and a bigger battey and full has full size ports.

Of course the 7″ is much lighter etc. If you do not already now — you are missing some of the bit that were suppose to be in the box eg.

You have to go back to your Aldi store and pick up a peice of paper with the details of how to get them delivered to you. I believe Aldi is in deep trouble over false advertizing of this tablet Is this not telling you something!!!!

I managed to get my hands on it yesterday — number 27 in the Q at Aldi Moorabin. A nice guy came out of Aldi and told us to go straight to the register and he ensured that there were sufficient units for all of us.

When the door opened everyone walked in calmly to the registers and one of the staff actually said “1 per customer’. It was a good of Aldi to control the crowd.

I went back and tried the tablet as it was my first Andriod — it was a disaster with the error Del my account and did a factory reset and nothing worked. Will try it again tonight This thing sounds like an absolute piece of rubbish, i’ve brought in many tablets from China direct from the manufacturer and i haven’t had these type of issues with any of them.

They obviously put buying price before quality. Courtesy of the advice and link on page 1 of this thread I bought an Onda Vi40 direct from Onda on Monday evening.

DHL picked it up on Tuesday and it was in my hands before lunch today, Thursday. Is anyone finding that a lot of popular apps aren’t showing up on google play, but install fine if you grab the APK file?

Some I’ve found, instagram, speedtest, google chrome beta, tweetdeck I don’t think that’s it. On the Bauhn website it said that it had “G-Sensor Support” or something similar.

This leads me to believe that there isn’t a real accelerometer in it or it hasn’t been coded in properly. Maybe someone can verify this?

Is this what you are referring to?? To be honest, I have always been a big fan of Aldi and Android. Personally I think this may not be a tablet with a dual core CPU at all.

G-sensors are usually used to determine to position of the screen, while gyroscopes are used to measure tilt angle of the tablet itself.

Some games require both to function properly e. This may be the reason why your game is not functioning normally. By the way, for those who are experiencing random reboots or freezing when using the tablet, you may want to underclock the max.

Here’s another low priced android tablet if anyone is interested. Here’s the piece on false advertising from PCWorld — http: Whoever that was in-charge with this deal with Tempo at Aldi may be seeing the door pretty soon.

Have been waiting a long time for that to happen. Aldi just say, bring it back for a refund. So not surprised by incorrect product spec, product quality, missing parts, etc.

Had warned earlier about Tempo as a supplier to Aldi. I can receive audio and video OK but can’t seem to send video from either the front or rear camera. I’ve answered my own question Just to let everyone know that nobody got the HDMI cable and Headphones, but because it was advertised that these extras are included you can still get them all you need to do is call the help desk, and explain that you didn’t get these extras, what they will do is send you and email for you to respond to with some personal info and they will send the extras to you via post.

Now I need some advise from you people, can I connect my external hard drive GB to my tablet and watch my movies of the hard drive? Was almost going to pick one of these up yesterday, decided not to because I hear that some nice cheapish android tablets will be coming out soon anyway.

Very poor form from Aldi and Bauhn on the false advertising etc. At least the return guarantee is there. If Aldi didn’t have that return policy they would barely make a sale of some of these electronics products they sell Black Night 99 writes The likes of a usb key or card reader should be ok.

Just to let everyone know that nobody got the HDMI cable and Headphones, but because it was advertised that these extras are included. ACCC and inform them of the multiple points of false and misleading advertising by Aldi about this tablet and let the Lawyers sort it out.

Ive called them and they say its safe to return it just take it back thety were not very helpful at all. IVe tried it all the lights on but no body is home i get the blue light but the screen shows nothing i think it may be faulty wiring they have offored to replace it but that doesnt help my issue.

As it’s got half the advertised cores, perhaps they should give purchasers half their money back. Not sure why anyone is surprised. Most of aldi electronics is pure rubbish or stuff you could of gotten elsewhere any day of the week on fleebay for equal or less of aldi’s price.

I’m not sure what a “real accelerometer” is — I can report this: I am guessing the one that didnt work either isnt ICS or tablet happy. Anyone got the bluetooth internet sharing to work or the wifi hot spot?

Doesn’t seem to go quite how the manual says. What are you trying to achieve with the WiFi hotspot? The WiFi hotspot is usually used or sharing out an internet connection from internal 3G modem on the device to other devices.

I can see no reason to try and set up a WiFi hotspot on a Android tablet without 3G. I have Medion devices, and have recommended Medion to others with no issues at all, and no lost friendships: I have bought their power tools and hand tools with no issues at all.

But they are really struggling with their Android devices, e. My point was those medion devices are just some rebadged chinese junk that you could of gotten off ebay or “hong kong” sites any day of the year, probably for less, and not get all excited over because a aldi bought it in for one day.

Cheap rubbish is available everyday on ebay but of course it’s not “special” because it’s common rather than once a year: I remember a couple years back people fighting desparate to get a workshop vac.

Later we worked out that it was available on ebay for cheaper and came with extra filters to boot any time and had been for over 6 months before aldi bought it in for the “weekly special”.

Other stuff is similar. I agree, sometimes cheap stuff is ok if you really aren’t into it. However if you are familiar with said device you will realise that it just doesn’t compare but still gets the job done in a rougher way.

Very much like this tablet. If you were a computer illiterate and got it you wouldn’t know what was missing and just assume this is the way it should be.

Fair enough, but their 60 day no questions asked return policy is the real value proposition. I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks it’s much more ‘comfortable’ to take the chance on potential junk from a local well-established shop front than some dodgy internet presence that can’t even translate to English properly, let alone any guarantee to keep your details private.

I’m happy with mine. Dual core or not, it does the job for me. I find it quite responsive. Haven’t watched video yet will do that today. If it turns out to be a dudd i’ll return it, but going to give it a good go, not just an hour.

The screen seems fine to me and any app problems I put down to the app not being compatible with ice-cream sandwicch. I just turned on portable hotspot on both devices, now my house modem and my mobile always show in the wifi area.

If I’m out of home it auto picks up my mobile. Easy to control data usage by turning off wifi on either device. Has any body got the mini sd card slot to work I put a card in but it does not stay connected or lock in place??????

I have used mine for the last two days and it has been fantastic value. The battery life is exceptional. It all works well have not tried external card yet Only issue I had was the media player sound for ac3 audio was scratchy but easily downloaded a free app player which fixed it up.

The hdmi out works and unlike the samsung you need to buy an optional unit to get hdmi out. Seems to me there are a lot of IT humbugs out there who are pissed off they paid a bucket load for their tablet.

My point was those medion devices are just some rebadged chinese junk. I had a Medion laptop I bought five years and only retired it a month or so ago.

Took mine back today. Was reasonably happy with it, until the bugs became more obvious like no Google syncing of contacts and calendar, Official Facebook app not loading, problems with Skype, flash player crashing or slow.

The guy at ALDI told me they had been told not to sell any more for now. I hate dealing with tempo after a 6 months wait for refund from a faulty pizzza machine, hope this is quicker!

I must say too that I have always bought their Medion computers and have had about 4 now and they have all worked perfectly from day one, except for one which kept giving me the BSOD and I took it back, they gave me back my money and promptly bought another one they still had stock in the store.

Medion is not “cheap chinese junk” as some people seem to think — it is a very big German company selling computers and other things related — true like every big company eg.

Panasonic, LG, Samsung a lot of their stuff is made in China or assembled there. I don’t think you will get a 60 day return policy anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE if your not happy with one of their products and that applies to their groceries and food stuffs too.

Rhett rants on ; Unfortunately, as Aldi products are serviced by the ‘manufacturers’, there have been so many problems. They usually refuse to repair, saying to take it back for a refund.

Never had a problem with returns change of mind or warranty at Aldi. I’ve been using it for an hour or two and I must say I haven’t experienced any difficulties yet.

It seems to be quite smooth and responsive. The only thing I have noticed is some apps missing from the play store such as Chrome.

What are the specific problems that I should try out? I am Bored writes Unless you want to sideload apk files, the only way is to root and fix some of the xml files. It won’t work out of the box.

Yeah I don’t have a real big issue about the apps missing from play store. Was just wondering about any other issues people have had so I can test them out. I registered an account here just to post in this thread after spending the last few days reading about and trying to love my Aldi Tablet.

I’m typing this reply on one now: The Aldi tab is I really wanted to like it I really did, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. Laggy performance, slow to open apps, impossibly slow to type in some apps such as Kingsoft Office, a mediocre screen, single core CPU, no google calendar sync Google Calendar sync is working fine under ICS on the Sony, and weird screen anomallies such as a non responsive screen for a minute or so after booting, and occasionally the back soft button would engage itself, taking me out of an app and back to the previous screen.

I have both sitting here side by side and the difference is startling!!! The screen is super bright and punchy without any weird colour cast, and is a true WXGA resolution.

Of course there are lots of hardware benefits too Having not had an Android device before I’m quite familiar with ios though, the Aldi device could have really put me off the platform.

Thanks to Bruce for saving my Android experience. I’ve been using it for the past few days, mainly viewing pdfs and downloading apps and trying them out.

It is also my first experience with Android and my first tablet. I like its thinness, aluminium backing and screen size. Initially Google Play wouldn’t open due to connection problems, and since then it’s worked fine but I’ve found Wifi to cut-in and out.

It is somewhat slow to open apps and the camera has very bad focus and picture quality is poor. I’ve been considering the Sony too, since it’s not that much more, but I’m concerned about its wedge shape, especially when I prefer placing it portrait to view pdfs and ebooks on the desk or lap, it would just slant to one side.

Is it worth getting the Sony? Or should I wait a little longer for something better? The wedge shape is excellent. It is great to type on at a desk, and it balances beautifully when holding in portrait view.

Think of a magazine folded back around itself. It’s much nicer to hold in both orientations than a flat design. All the quad core tablets are coming out, that’s why Sony et all are dropping their price.

The only thing the aldi tab has going for it is the 60 day return policy, people taking a punt Thanks Glad to hear you are happier with the Sony. I returned it after 4 months. And that was Medion, Tempo is bound to be worse!

Without a forum on Whirlpool, we would have given up. I am waiting for my ideal tablet at a good price, and sufficing with a cheap android phone until then. The Sony tablet links to HN from the OzBargain site are now dead and Sony tablets are not mentioned in a search of the site or under the Tablets heading,.

Asof yesterdsy HN at Greensborough still had a few Sonys in stock. Probably best to ring your local store. I got mine on Wed, and apart from the market issue error, which is a market issue not the tablet itself, I’m happy.

Took it to uni the next day and used that wifi to set it all up. I wouldn’t have used their generic headphones anyways so I’m not bothered that they weren’t included, and stream HDMI movies from my laptop to my TV anyways.

Suggestion would be to return it and keep an eye out for some better deals that are around at present and the surety there will be even better around shortly. Although only a 7″ tablet this would be worth the wait I feel My mother in law bought this device and she has loaded all the usual games that most people play, and she said it has not been a problem she has been sharing her daughters acer tablet for a few months prior so she can compare it to a reasonable device But it was connected to the internet once to download games and has not been on again.

I’m a little confused Def keeping it, 7″ is too small to be worth it for me. And like i said before, I wasn’t expecting a power machine, so it does its job nicely. I like Android-based things anyways, and am able to sync my books and save battery on my HTC which will probably be upgraded to a new HTC model sometime in the next year.

I couldn’t believe the difference in size a 7″ tablet was to my HTC Desire HD though a couple of inches more with the Aldi would add to that again I guess. My lookups seem to be attributed to flash and the default browser.

Try using dolphin instead, it seems to handle flash bait better ESP with multiple tabs. Well what will I do? Packing it up and taking it back May exchange it for another or get the money back I can consistently lock mine up having smh.

I can easily background load multiple pages in Dolphin on my 1Ghz single core Telstra T-Touch Tab, even when they are pages with Flash video content. All you do on the pages is click the Play icon on the Flash element, and it will load that specific Flash element, only for the foreground tab.

Considering how massively the stock of them was oversubscribed, money back is all you’ll get. They won’t have new replacement stock for exchange. Return the Aldi tablet and consider this one Follow it in this thread The broken power button was mentioned on a PCWorld article’s ‘comments area’ but the whole article has been moderated heavily last time I looked.

Apparently Tempo had had many calls re this. They weren’t going to repair it and said get a refund. Software issues are one thing but early hardware failures like this are a killer.

So I went back to Aldi Went hunting for a new tab. Harvey Norman was pretty much out of stock accept Thoshiba and acer which didn’t do it for me..

Like the looks but have concern as to how open it will be towards off market apps. As for what you get in the box so basic its disgusting Still charging 2hrs after this post a good sign I think.

Just hope this Sony gives me the same satisfaction as the humble Aldi Brauhn did. Except the power failure I haven’t noticed anyone else mentioning a strange thing that seems to happen with the time on the tablet.

The time is often wrong and date too but when I go into settings, the date and time are correct, but the display was wrong. Anyhow, it’s just weird and glitchy.

So, I had decided to return the tablet, but today someone not me dropped it in a carpark. It was still in the case. It works fine, screen is fine. But there are some very clear scratches and a small dent on the casing opposite edge to the buttons.

Ethical part of the question: Given that this damage has occurred, is it still ethically okay to return the tablet? Legal part of the question: Even though the damage has occurred, the functionality of the tablet hasn’t been effected.

Can I still legally return the tablet? I returned my Aldi unit today. He opened the box and had a quick glance at contents, but didn’t open the padded bag to look at the unit.

The guy yelled out to his colleague “hey Mike, i’ve got another working tablet back”, and said “it won’t last long”, without checking it. Looks like lots of people will be buying second hand Aldi tablets thinking they’re new.

I’m glad I removed my accounts, data and did a factory reset. Unless you report a fault, they usually put it back on sale. But if you are buying, staff always tell me thay never do that!

Yes I understand I Apologise for the contempt. But I am so overwhelmed at the loss of Aldi and replaced with a Sony S as recommended by some on this thread The Sony is by no means better in anyway has not got the features the ease of use etc etc.

I like this site hope to contribute well in the future..


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