Galaxy s6 case jb hi fi

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galaxy s6 case jb hi fi

Hi, Really 6s here. SM-N, and is bricked, i need a room to unbrick this phone, i cant find one, help me. Leave this field empty. If it gives you peace of mind then do it. So do I need to buy a fast charger? Thanks for your help!

Know what’s galaxy s6 case jb hi fi

galaxy s6 case jb hi fi

Upload your video to win 2 – 8 GeekPoints Customer Videos. The Samsung Firmware for S8 will come with multiple files inside the zip file, they are called: Galaxy noticed that when I looked for the post in the correct thread. Your kindly help would be appreciated. May i know case seems to galaxu the problem of your phone? Depends on whether you’re a light user or not?

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galaxy s6 case jb hi fi

Reinstall stock ROM of u r version of andriod. Load You will be asked. When it will come It Case be posted on the blog. Hello Salecaly, did you back up your original rom? Pro’s – Galaxh snug, I found it very annoying trying take it off just Galaxy do a final clean around the back.

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galaxy s6 case jb hi fi

I am in USA. In that case, the best way is to install the latest builds gaaxy via Odin. Leave me a email contact someone. As long as it’s not too thick. They must Case concerned that there might be other issues they might not be able to sort out with the australian version parts once the phone galaxy opened up.

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galaxy s6 case jb hi fi

What universal method is compatible with an lg x power? Or should i Odin flash with the stock firmware of Swiss region? Now dont let this put you Case I found a neat way Local retailers will only Galaxy the Australian version, although you may find some cade sellers who are based in Australia. We can customize our computers so why not our phones, which are basically mini-computers anyways! Tried super oneclick and it cant find drivers. I was going to do that but I wanted the green version.

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A display is what makes a tablet, and the Chuwi Hi13 throws its hat on the 3: But what this gadget is really screaming out for is the optional stylus support and something more powerful galaxy a Cherry Trail.

A step up from the first N featured lapbook series, Hi13 goes a long way to crank up not just the 2. When the two combines, Case multitasking is expected to be fulfilled a breeze.

Looking to capture the wonderful life moments and initiate a video call from Skype? The 2MP front camera and 5MP rear camera come in handy.

An added bonus, a mAh comes included to last for approximately 7 hours or even longer. The item casse been added to your wish list. Note The keyboard and stylus are excluded in the package and you will have to buy separately.

Capture Your Life Moments Looking to capture the wonderful life moments and initiate a video call from Skype? Case capacitive touch screen Screen size: Dual cameras one front one back Front camera: Li-ion battery, mAh Power device Type: AC Adapter, V Charging voltage: Built-in stereo speakers and microphone Languages: Android OS supports multi-language.

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Photo Reviews 0 Video Reviews 0. Other Galaxy Viewed and Bought. Like us on Facebook. GeekBuying reserves the right to change prices galaxt any Case without notice.

Galaxy information may become invalid because of new orders and supply change. Intel HD graphics up to MHz.

K-ch-200000-0 Install bAdDroid Android 2. If you flash the firmware for gt-ithe phone will still work. Hello David, you can refer to this fj Pretty sure the ad saids Case non-yellowing but i guess all the wet application screen protector have this problem. Looked at the local Single Sim version in a couple of shops and the HTC seems a tad quicker and smoother. Could you upload a guide to rooting the new Galaxy with Walkman?

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There’s other options that don’t require as much in the way of “skillz”, like these two: This seems Case bit silly to me since one of the main reasons for using a wireless charger is convenience and not worrying about cables. Here is the link Galaxy got a 3 pack for 8buck delivered. We have recently written up a guide, please jbb us know if it works for d6. Have u any rom for resolve this problems?

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Didn’t know I had to get it enabled on the account. No simcard detected about 1. Dacal Install MotoFrenzy Android 2. Hello… I would b greatful if u provide d procedure for Spice Mi

Сlick on picture and go to details…
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I made a little guide on the memory card. I used a double sided sticky tape not because its double sided but it was the thickest tape I had. So this way I could drop the sim card against a little guiding edge to put it on straight.

Second problem was that with your finger you always will touch the glue and then its a mess. Simple trick, use a bit of blue gum!

Not for the glueing but put that on the simcard front side and you can hold it from the top like a little handle, that worked like a charm you dont get your finger on the edge of the card and so no chance to touch the super glue.

For the super glue itself if you touch a surface with the tip of the glue bottle, the surface tension of the glue is broken and the shit pours out all over the place.

Well not really but way to much for what you need. I put the glue on a Q-tip first and then used that as a sort of brush thats heaps better. If you do it that way its pretty easy to put it in the right place and then put the sim on top with the blue gum handle.

Push it all a bit together and give it a quick clean with Aceton. Probably the amount of force you need to push a toothpick into an orange.

Dont ask me how I came up with this example but its pretty close Do it slowly, the card assembly pops up and moves out of the slider frame at the last mm.

Same to get the card out again, you need to push a bit more than normal. This one is then 4G the other automatically is asigned to 3G.

It doesnt matter which slot, you can switch through Android. So far I didnt came across any reason to why, the firmware from HK works fine. However I would be interested if anyone could post the difference between the 2 firmwares?

Nah for sure its my fault I got to pay for it I called Samsung to check the price thats the ones I posted. Didnt tell them its an import but they basically booked me in the system and gave me a reference number with which I can go now to any official Samsung shop.

Spare parts should be fixed price but labour might be a bit more. At this stage I am happy to find anyone who can repair it I hope not, as given the variant I have, I prolly won’t have any way of flashing to something more “localised”: Thanks for sharing your mad mSD mod skillz using that tute I linked previously, I was wondering if someone would bother with that, will prolly try it, now that I know someone else has, challenge accepted!

But yes give the mod a go its easier than my post makes it look like, seriously that sim card is a though little bugger hard to ruin it. So updates more tailored for this market, will come through Can I check y understanding on this?

The dual SIM is an identical phone in every other way but has a second SIM, however that 2nd slot means you can’t use the additional storage if you have a 2nd SIM in there?

So if I had moved so apps to the SD card assuming I can do that on this phone I’d also lose access to those apps. I do like the idea of GB storage and no harm in an extra 2GB ram, [assuming it doesn’t overheat ; ].

The benefit of going for XSA is that all the advertised features in Australia will work. On device root, I’d personally recommend against it. There are so many more apps and features that will refuse to work on a rooted device now, so unless your need is super urgent I don’t see the point, but that’s just my 2c.

I can’t find the post now, but someone else asked if you can flash XSA onto a The answer, unfortunately, is a no. It worked like charm and already got update after installation.

Works like a charm. I wanted to buy this phone however I realised that’s it’s dual STANDBY which means I can’t text or call from both sims at the same time like texting family and work people at the same time without constantly having to allocate which sim to be active to then wait a minute or two for the carrier to update and then use the second sim.

Has anyone found a way around this? Or is a mid range Dual Active the only alternate the answer. I realised that’s it’s dual STANDBY which means I can’t text or call from both sims at the same time like texting family and work people at the same time without constantly having to allocate which sim to be active to then wait a minute or two for the carrier to update and then use the second sim.

This isn’t how it works, you just select which one to use when you want to use it, they are both active at the same time, there is no “wait time” to activate. In reality this is fine, as you can only do one thing at a time.

The “Standby” term thing is confusing, both receive at the same time, someone mentioned that you can’t make 2 calls at the same time, which would be a pretty good trick for a human to do too!

Definitely both Active at the same time, here is a real time capture of the Vodafone and Telstra signals being received from both carriers. The phone also detects the signal strength of the neighbour cells concurrently, so can hand off to them instantly on either SIM as well.

Dual standby means you could only use 1 sim at the time not at the same time. For example, if sim 1 being used, sim 2 will be out and all calls to sim 2 will be forwarded to sim 1.

For sms, you could only use 1 sim at the time since you cant open 2 messaging apps at the same. However, you could select which sim you want to use. Both sims are actively standby but not really true dual active as mentioned only 1 receiver inside.

Would flashing XSA will void the warranty? Contact customer services for more details. Won’t void the warranty. Worst case you just flash back to Singapore or whatever region the phone came from if you’re worried.

Samsung Pay support is tied to the hardware and the firmware. You can only install the APK from the Play Store in Australia if you’re phone identifies as Australian at least, this was my experience with previous Samsung phones.

Android Pay is my preferred solution. Few things to note:. Thing is how do i tell i’ve done it right? The process it self was smooth and all good but what am i checking in my about section to confirm XSA has been applied correctly?

Yeah I also didn’t use the link Liberty provided in his post, old fw image. TBH all of them were quite sluggish, the 2 alts were a bit faster than Sammobile, but the differences were minimal.

Link-speed improved much more when I connected via ethernet directly to my Gw device. I also didn’t use the Odin he linked even though it’s fine, sourced from a spot on XDA-dev where the latest is always linked.

RE the VolDown mistake, someone corrected that here, but it can’t hurt to correct it again. Several other things, but no time to dig-it-all-up from the thread where I discussed my progress with others.

We covered that in my thread from about here onwards Ordered s8 plus from t-dimension on 10thand received it on the 14th in country Victoria. I followed liberty primes post to flash XSA firmware.

I believe the firmware link liberty provided should work just fine as your phone will immediately prompt for an update once you reboot and set it up.

Samsung pay doesn’t work due to the cards I have. Coles mastercard and NAB. Thanks to liberty prime for the steps. And to clarify I dont mean warranty case aka repair for free, I mean they dont touch your phone even you pay for it!!!

I read about they might refuse international phone repairs so I told them its purchased in Hong Kong straight away they will check and see this anyway, no point of lying then I got the answer they dont do it.

The guy said the parts are different.?!! I asked him if he seriously thinks that I am going to believe the screen of a phone bought in Australia is different from other countries I am sure thats a load of rubbish but couldnt prove otherwise so left and called the customer service.

Customer service told me same story though said “some parts might” be different etc. So I asked him where this is written down that they dont repair and was guided to the Samsungs websites Terms and Conditions.

Now here is the thing, the entire terms and condition section I read it all refers to warranty. Warranty excludes this, Warranty only covers that etc Of course I knew that we dont get warranty on a phone purchased abroad, but I dont claim any warranty case I told the guy I have a repair reques not a warranty case..

I pay for it! Answer is still no they wont do. So the arguing went back and forth first with him then with his supervisor and they kept talking about warranty and I told them I have no warranty case, my phone has no factory damage I have a repair request.

Its no where written that Samsung Australia doesnt repair some type of phones or only Australian phones. Again its all referring to warranty repairs very clear. So I said they cant just make up this rule on the spot It is now escalated to a Case Manager who will get back to me next week.

I got told there might be cases where they have cooperated with Samsung service from other countries to get parts or instructions I hope its just a matter of being a pain in the arse long enough for them to make an exception That has always been the case, if there’s no Australian tick Samsung Aus won’t handle the phone.

People constantly tried only to be turned away so sorry to tell you this but you’re wasting your time and that’s the risk for buying grey. I was assured the other day if it’s deemed to be a genuine hw fault not induced, they will still take care of it free of charge, but if it requires a replacement not a repair which is a large chunk of situations, I won’t get the same imported model, it’ll be Aussie stock.

Well that information was the lie. Had a few friends that worked at Samsung and I’ve asked them and they would never repair or replace a phone if it was not Australian tick stock the same one they won’t if it was repaired by a 3rd party.

I will quadruple check with Samsung Oz in the next few days if time They stressed if there’s the slightest sign of it being repaired by a 3rd-party not hard to see, all bets are off. Samsung Australia are very paticular on repairs I speak from experience.

The problem is Samsung Australia will use genuine parts to repair and cannot voucher for imports from Asia as to what parts are used. Model numbers are different as are frequencies so the built in modem will be different.

Samsung Australia don’t carry parts for the Asian model numbers. Also voltages are not exactly the same. I do understand that if they dont have specific parts they cant repair it but they dont even try to help?.

The glass is the same type and dimensions all over the world. I didnt buy grey its still an offical Samsung phone an it is not yet illegal to import a phone.

But if this has always been the case its even worse! How come they dont have anything written about this in the small print? They only state that you dont get warranty which is OK, but a repair request is a complete different thing.

There is the Samsungs Global International Program with which participating countries agree to warrant and repair types from other participating countries. So its not a technical problem.

They can refuse to repair of course but then they need to notify consumers about this. At lease the other way around as in: Again they only state warranty cases. I am no letting them of the hook easy on that.

There are basically 2 different hardware versions Exynos and Snapdragon and Dual Sim variants of those and everything else is just the firmware installed in the country of sale.

Samsung should bit the bullet and just release “world phones” supported by their local subsidiary. Sure, customise them with local firmware if that floats the carriers boats, but there shouldn’t be any reason for Samsung to deny warranties on genuine Samsung products, just because they were bought overseas.

Yes, you bought grey, you purchased a phone not intended for the Australian market although legal to do so you are no longer covered buy Australian consumer law because it wasn’t purchased in the country for it to fall under Australian legislation therefore you don’t have a case.

No, it’s not illegal to import a phone from a different Samsung supplier for that specific country therefore it’s deemed a grey import if it was illegal it would be a black market import.

Samsung has no reason whatsoever legally to announce on a website that they would handle imported phones. You as a buy need to confirm with the seller and if they said what you were lead to believe you will have a case to sue them for misinformation and damages.

This is why they will announce Australian warranty on their websites. That would disrupt the local market and cause prices to go down.

Would you still buy from Samsung Australia if you had the same benifits as importing a grey market phone yes grey Unlikely, so would would a business sacrifice their profits for that.

Remember it’s a division of Samsung in Australia. There’s a reason the phone you grey import for overseas break the Samsung seal.

That reason being, is its purchased at a lower price therefore not to be sold in that market to disrupt their pricing it’s broken and allowed for international sales.

I also mentioned to Samsung Centre in Vermont that I would pay for the fix. They still ignored it. I understand it wont cover the warranty.

Should they sell it here, I would buy it locally. They should follow like LG which release 2 versions. Dual Sim model can only be sold in retail stores like JB or Harvey norman ; and single sim only can be sold in Telstra, Optus or vodafone shops.

They must be concerned that there might be other issues they might not be able to sort out with the australian version parts once the phone is opened up.

Once they open up a phone, fixing up all issues becomes their responsibility. Otherwise the customer will blame them. So, I can understand their reluctance. If you bought it from a business selling to Australian customers ie.

DWI then it very much falls under Australian consumer law. Your ACL rights will just be against the retailer that sold it to you and have no right to claim against Samsung Australia.

You would of course have every right to warranty claim against in this case Samsung China as that’s where Samsung authorised it’s sale. Samsung Australia have every right just like any other business to refuse to serve you, for whatever reason they see fit.

You have precisely zero right to demand they take you on as a customer. As you said, there’s no warranty involved, so you’re just some guy off the street asking for them to provide you a service.

Yet I dont see the prices there are same as in HK for example, they still sell heaps of phones in the UK. Huawei fixes your phone no matter where you bought it. Volkswagen will repair you car even its a left driven imported Golf XY from I also would have bought the Dual Sim version in OZ but its not available guess why, Telstra Optus and the rest dont like it..

It might not be a legal case but its a grey area since they hiding crucial information about the products they sell in Australia.

In any case it comes down to just very very poor customer service. You think I will buy anything of Samsung ever again if they not helping me to get simple screen repair?

At the end my money goes to Samsung in Korea no matter where I spent it, its a global company with global products so a consumer should get a global service.

As said it already exists and works fine just we in Australia once more are getting the short end of the stick because no one is putting pressure on this big corps.

Few things to note: I simply connected the phone while turned on and before starting the flashing steps and let Win10 automatically download the drivers.

I had to create a free Sammobile account and it took around two hours for the 2. Unzipping the dowloaded zip file also took a while.

I used Odin v3. The XDA thread was also useful. I did the exact same thing with the exact same phone. I suggest doing this on a PC instead of a Mac and unzipping with 7zip. Ordered one today from OS.

I cannot believe the markup on Australian stock for the exact same product. That type of behaviour cost suppliers of local stock an absolute fortune, even just from an administrative perspective, not to mention the impact it can have on the business from a reputation perspective if they were to refuse a return.

I’ve flashed it with an XSA rom and have been using it for the past week. The dual sim functions have been working fantastically. The only bit of wierdness i’ve encountered was downloading my Spotify library.

With both SIMs turned on, Spotify refuses to download over cellular. It works fine over wifi, or if i turn one SIM off. Apart from that — everything has worked as it should.

Your statement is far from the truth, in fact it does not cost the local supplier an ‘absolute fortune’. I do find it funny you are having a go at me though without knowing all the facts.

Would you have been happy if your Galaxy S6 brand new out of box and dints and scratches along the frame? Took one week which I was extremely impressed by. They even put an adapter in for free.

From time to time, i’ll notice that my SIM 1 which is set to be the 3g only SIM will stop working, with no reception indicated.

I’ll then have to restart the phone and both SIMs will be working fine with full reception. I just received my S8 from Kogan. I haven’t been able to put my simcard in yet because much to my disappointment when I started to play with my new toy, I found it needed a nano sim and my S5 has a micro sim!

So off to Telstra tomorrow to get a replacement. I assume XSA is like a generic version. So because I have a Telstra sim, should I use that one, or just stick with the XSA one as is mentioned in this thread.

This fiddling with phones is all very new to me!! While I am quite computer tech savvy for my age and gender, and feel very comfortable doing the actual procedure, I just want to make sure I have the right files to start with.

Also, can I do it before I get a sim or do I need to wait until I get the replacement? Thanks for your help! First of all here is a guide to flashing Samsung Firmware: Since you are posting on this thread, I assume you have a dual sim phone?

There is separate firmware for this. Avoid Sammobile for downloading Samsung Firmware as their content download network is throttled down to slow for free users.

Updato doesn’t throttle you like that and you can pretty much get full speed most of the time. Here is an example of what ODIN looks like with the required files selected, model number and etc will look different but similar style:.

The Samsung Firmware for S8 will come with multiple files inside the zip file, they are called: Thank you so much for replying. However you didn’t actually answer my question!! As I said I am fine with the process as I have read this thread from the beginning, and have also looked at some Youtube videos.

And just to confirm, the model I have is GFD. Actually, I thought the GF firmware is for Australia, and that is what I am supposed to be downloading!

Two of the videos I watched actually said the opposite. One said to use that file specifically so that it would do the factory reset as it is better to start from scratch with a new OS.

Now I’m totally confused! Thank you for replying! That is what I was wondering. So there is no advantage in getting the Telstra version even though I have a Telstra simcard?

There are differences in the firmware is the hardware is Exynos or Snapdragon, which depends on the market. I ask as I’ll use the phone whilst OS. I’m still waiting for my phone but by extension I gather from this post you can set either sim 1 or sim 2 to be the 4G sim?

Correct, only one SIM can be 4G, but you can select which one that is physically i. I have the GFD, that is the international exynos dual sim version.

If you are unsure when you boot into download mode you can see that it says the firmware is GF, regardless if you have the ‘D’ or not.

This is the files I used: Thank you LibertyPrime for the instructions! Easy, peasy, although I found I didn’t need to do the Factory Reset at the end. Thursday afternoon it’s delivered.

It only took about 24hrs to get it from HK to Syd, but a few days to pack and send as they said on their website days dispatch. The package arrived well packed and intact but the seal on the box was broken.

DWI guys definitely opened it for whatever reason. Lithium batteries Section II. Glad to hear it worked! If you don’t factory reset the phone then it won’t reset the CSC version, meaning it won’t receive automatic updates for that firmware.

The reason I didn’t do the factory reset was because of reading another set of instructions I found on how to use the Odin software. The last of the instructions was:. This means that the installation is done.

It can’t hurt, just flushes things out if there’s there any residual crap from the prior env. I’d like to add my heartfelt thanks to you, LP, for your wonderful and succinct tutorial: The phone confused me at first when I booted into download mode as it said “Downloading I haven’t plugged it in yet!

I found odin and firmwares downloaded quickly from updato. I have two sims, one is Telstra, one is Amaysim. The Amaysim sim doesn’t work in sim slot 2 but works in sim slot 1.

Telstra sim works in both slots. First question, why does the Amaysim sim not work in sim slot 2? Is that because Amaysim Optus? I thought it would just drop back to 2G when required.

Amaysim say they will turn 2G off 1st August: Second question, on the S8, sim slot 2 is only up to 2G? So effectively after they turn off the 2G network this phone will be a 1 sim only phone yes?

At the moment I have the Telstra sim in slot 2 and using that for data, which I guess will be slow. At the moment I have the Telstra sim in slot 2 and using that for data.

Hence your Amaysim should work in either socket. All set up now I have that exact arrangement in my S8 — Telstra as sim1 and Amaysim as sim2 and it works fine. I have a Sandisk as well and at first I thought it wasn’t going to fit.

However I got it sitting on the tray as best as I could and inserted the tray back in the phone. I also always Qi charge at night when I go to sleep.

When I awake — check messages etc After doing this for the last 18 months, my phone’s battery is still working fine — no noticeable degradation. No noticeable spike in electricity usage even with 2 Qi chargers and 2 wall chargers permanently plugged in and on.

I have one on the way, was it hard because it was so tight fitting and will it interfere with a case. Keep in mind the USB power you put to it.

I have been using this for long time which has one tiny white light http: Would take a long time to charge. Probably wouldn’t even charge if there is an app running in the background. Just slow the drainage.

It takes a while but I have always only this unit to recharge handsets. Is there any other Qi charger out there which offers more than mA? I would like to know as I am happy to buy another one as I have used this unit for long enough.

Requires 2Amp charger to function, sold separately. Check the label on the charger that came with your handset to verify it is 2Amp. Compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones. Definitely looks better though.

I use a 2A charger myself for my S3 which charges fairly quickly. I think any more will probably start to fry my phones battery. No idea about that. But if it all depends on the charger not the Qi pad to deliver higher amount flow then can not I just change the charger of my current unit and get better flow out of the Qi pad?

What is the point of buying Samsung or any other newer Qi pad then if the charger connecting to it is the main issue?

I have a Spigen slim armor case on my S6, I have had a number of my friends saying that the call is either muffled or distorted, take the case off, problem solved.

Very happy with the service from them and the items were new in box with all Samsung branding etc. Loving the fabric case as I has the same type of flip cover on my S3, haven’t used the Samsung Qi charger yet, still waiting for my nano sim to arrive from Internode, might have to cut down my old one if it doesn’t get here soon.

Has anybody here thought about buying a second rapid charger like the one that comes with the phone? My thoughts are keep one at home and have a second one at work as opposed to a wireless charger.

Facebook message Samsung Australia saying the one that came with your phone is malfunctional — they’ll mail one out to you express. Hi Quozl, did your Samsung Qi charger come with an adaptive charger or normal?

If adpative, could you specify exaclty which Qi charger you ordered? Surprisingly it didn’t come with any charger or cable just the Samsung charging disc.

The one I ordered was from MobileZap with the following info. Bought one if those crystal curved screen protectors they are rubbish..

Is there any decent screen protectors at all? I bought some soft curved screen protector from Ebay. These quality is so bad, Too much bubble left after applied They are too soft and sticky.

You all better stay away from these soft screen protector for now. Has anyone purchased an adaptive car charger? I’ve found a few online but would like to purchase on in a bricks n mortar store.

So far can’t find any in sydney. Surely some store sells it? I’ve taken a look at the Qualcomm website to see which brands it recommends but they’re all online. Hey guys how’s it going?

Thought i would share some of my thoughts about some accessories ive tried. For cases i own the spigen exact fit liquid crustal.

It’s a nice case if you want a very slim minimalistic tpu material case its what I’m currently using on my S6 and provides some extra grip in the hand.

I also have tried the ringke ultra slim metallic cover. This is nice as well if you prefer a very slim plastic cover which while doesn’t provide extra grip to the phone it helps retain that very solid feel you get when you use your phone without a case.

The thing i didn’t like about it was that i had the ‘halo ‘ effect when i put it on so around the edge of the screen protector there was a ring which didnt quite seem to stick to the glass of the s6, it’s a good screen protector im not sure if the halo issue was unique to mine because ive heard some people having success with it but nonetheless i decided to find an alternate screen protector.

This is the TAGG full screen shield which gives you a full glass protector which covers the whole front panel of your s6 so no halo issues on this screen protector here. This is what im currently using and I’m loving it so far only downside is its slightly harder to apply this than standard glass screen protectors, it requires a bit of elbow grease to really get any small air bubbles you might get after applying but overall a great product for those looking to get full front panel protection.

If you guys want to see photos of the accessories on my phone give me a buzz and ill see if i can post any pictures. Further to that, has anyone found a different tempered glass screen protector that actually fits the S6 properly?

The two i have bought from ebay leave a mm gap around screen. Are there any screen protectors for the regular s6 that minimise oil smudges?

I brought a the extreme clear HD at release and find I’m wiping the screen all the time! The S6 and iPhone 6 for reference have screens that are slightly curved along the sides.

Therefore, its hard to get glass screen protectors that fit the whole screen. Those that do cover the whole screen will normally have ugly air gaps where the protector and the screen don’t meet due to the curve.

The Tagg caff3y has tries to solve this by having the sides be non-see through. Tempered glass protectors have oleophobic coating which reduce the number of fingerprints and oil smudges. I bought a tempered glass screen protector from eBay and it looks quite horrible.

It was from a no-namer, but I might get a Nillkin one next time. My S-View cover is intermittent. It will work fine for a while, but then as soon as I charge up the phone it stops working.

I thought as first it might have been something caused by the magnetic fields of the QI charging pad, but it does the same when charging via USB as well.

Then the cover will work fine as intended until I next charge up the phone. Hey mate, looks identical to mine. Completely agree that it looks terrible. I just removed it and have nothing at the moment.

Also curious about the nilkin ones or any other ones for that matter. Yeah so as per my earlier post the tagg screen protector covers the whole front of the phone no gaps.

On the hunt for a new case, had a clear spigen one which was great, but it’s started to yellow: Seems to protect the phone well and the display is good enough to read the information that’s available.

Still keeps wireless charging feature so you don’t have to remove the case. Cons Scratches to easy Seems to cut out some of the wireless range in wifi, mobile and Bluetooth.

Phone has a more slippery feel makes the phone thicker. Anyone know where to get retail screen protector for edge? I’m not even asking the tempered glass one.

Around Brisbane city will be ideal. Thanks just what I was after. My no name had the gaps around the edge too. I’ve left it on, better than nothing, but I want a full one and definitely glass.

Have read good things about the HealingShield screen protectors from Korea. Using one now for my front and back.

Can’t complain for a “complete” protection. If I have to nitpick, it feels a bit rubbery than normal screen protectors but to me it’s a good thing as I find the S6e a bit slippery.

This protector gives me a better grip on the device. If you have a white S6, this looks pretty promising. I really like the S-View cover, however after a couple of days mine stopped working.

The phone no longer detects that the cover is in place. Took it back to the Samsung store where I bought it, they tell me there is nothing wrong with the cover, and it did work fine on other S6 units in the store.

I have a galaxy s6 and am going to go back to standard flexible screen protectors. I have tried 3 different Tempered Glass protectors and all of them have horrible Halos.

I got one of these too, it’s perfect for me. Makes the phone heaps gripper. Lip on front and back protecting screen and camera.

I like a lot. Cheaper and better than official protective case! Haven’t put it on the phone yet but it looks cool. Current glass protector just covers display part of screen and looks weird from the edges.

The TAGG protector though is blacked around the edges, so I think from angles on the side instead of a halo you’ll just not see a little of the screen.

Still preferable to halo and bubble edges probably. Plus it hides the branding on the front which is cool. Not that the logo is bad but I always prefer less branding if possible.

Just received my matte black ringke case for s6 edge fits perfect out of all the cases I’ve purchased. Anyone know of a shopfront that sells the gs6 spigen cases in melb? Im looking for the clear ultra thin rubber case..

Got my case from them within 2 days. Just key in Spigen neo hybrid for example and search by closest. They offer pick up. Looking for something basic that i can use just to stand the phone in. Doesnt need to have a charger etc.

Just got myself a gb S6 on a plan. Something that looks good too. I was thinking in the lines of like a Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal case http: Just fitted mine and its a great fit compared to the Bruedon i had fitted previously.

I’ve got mine on now, and it does look a lot better than the ones with the few mm gap around the edges. One issue though is with my case, when I press the buttons they press the lip of the case into the protector and cause it to bubble.

I’m hoping that will settle down given a few days for it to stick better. Will see how it goes. I think they are one of these suppliers who claim they are in au but are actually in Hong kong.

I find the tampered glass screen protector the best, a lot easier and quicker to put on than those flimsy ones. I had a issue too My TPU clear case pushed on the screen protector on the top left and right corners and caused the same bubbling effect.

So I decided to rid my s6 edge of the Spigen curved screen protector since it yellowed. Went with Ghost Armor. Got it done at a kiosk at Westfield Carindale.

I opted for the clear one, but the matte option is there. Seems pretty good, and it’s certainly thinner than the Spigen. There’s no orange peel effect.

Front covers more than the Spigen does, doesn’t cover the button I assume for fingerprint reasons. Back covers much more than the included Spigen screen protectors.

Also covers camera with a cutout for lens. None for heart rate sensor. Sides don’t give complete coverage on the sides. Instead it covers the 4 corners around the the sim slot, and both sides of the micro usb hole.

I’ll probably take the screen one off once a decent tempered glass one comes out. Any recommendations on a cheap wireless charger which has an AC adapter?? I’d steer clear of cheap USB power adapters and buy one from a proper shop.

Is it available in Australia yet? Haven’t seen it on Samsung’s website. I read a post from a dude who couldn’t make it work and it kept saying to update stuff, when he contacted samsung they said it has to come from the same region and as it wasn’t available there, no update for him..

I wonder what is causing the delay in Australia. Hmm doesn’t seem like an item that should even have a region lock of sorts. The wireless disc is about as fast as the a standard charger.

The Adaptive charger is beastly it charges super quick. Where did you get it? Is it full screen or only to the curves?

I’d like to do this. Could you please tell me which seller you used? Hi greazzy, is the first link supposed to be the link to the screen protector?

Both links are for the wireless charger. Would like to have a look at the protector that covers the edge. It has mixed reviews on xda forum as some are saying it starts to lift off at the edges after a few days.

I think this is the main issue with the curved screen, the lack of screen protector options. Although watching some YT vids where they go at the screen with a knife and keys without issue, maybe it doesnt really need one.

Ive always had one on my phones. Whether or not the screens would have stayed as good without it, i’ll never know. Yeah, I saw that one on ebay and based on reviews, not too convinced.

Is this what you are using on yours? I was hoping that greazzy might have found something else: But you’re right, the screen should be good enough without a protector but worth trying if there’s something that really works!

Havent seen anything with constant great reviews. I see people leaving comments about how good theirs looks on day one, then wait a few days and they start complaining about it.

I doubt there will be anything that will work as good on the edge as it would on the s6. I have to agree with this statement.

At the moment, happy with mine without any protector and in fact I have never used one on any of my phones before either: My previous phones all had one. Havent noticed any scratches on the screen after a month and a half and its been in and out of my pocket plenty of times.

Do you have a case on yours? No, I don’t have a case. Really don’t like them and never use them before. However, I do have a screen protector on the back though.

It makes it a bit less slippery and sticks better to the magnet to the phone holder in my car though! I got one as i’d dropped my M7 a couple of times onto concrete and this one being all glass i dont want to risk it.

I got a Spigen Neo hybrid which is not bulky at all but this convo is probably better placed in the accessories thread so i better not keep going with it or it might disappear.

That’s the thing about phone case — I just like the look and the feel of it that it is such a waste to hide it.

I guess, that’s the risk you take with the decision to go naked! Here is the link I got a 3 pack for 8buck delivered. I just received the spigen curved protector and have zero desire to strip my no name edge protector it’s on there thay good I’ll admit I failed the first go but nailed it second so grab a 3 or 5 pack it’s cheap.

I just received the spigen curved protector and have zero desire to strip my no name edge protector. I don’t want to use case for my phone, but since I got my Logitech car holder magnetic, I have no choice and need a case for my phone to stick the provided metal sheet to the back of the phone.

Is there any case for the S6 edge that thin and light, and easy to remove so I can take the case off the phone when I leave my car? The el cheapo protector just feels like any other cheapo mate a bit sticky but doesnt affect any touch commands.

I have this holder in my car too and have an S6 edge. My initial thought was to have a case and put the metal sticker on it too. However, I found out that if you put a matt protector cover on the the back of the phone this is the one that come with the Spigen cover that I bought, the magnet on the phone is strong enough to stick to the holder.

Without the protector cover, the phone is too slippery with all the glass. I found the strongest point of the magnet is where the Samsung logo is on the back.

I have been using this driving around Melbourne and the phone never comes off the magnet holder. I have the one that you stick to the air-vent.

Give it a try. Ive got one of these. Been using it for a year or so. Phone never fallen out and dont have to worry about sticky surfaces etc. When you said ‘the magnet on the phone’, did you mean the phone itself can stick to the Logitech magnet without the need of the supplied metal sheet from Logitech?

Ive got the edge with a Spigen neo hybrid case which is not bulky. There was only one airframe model when I got mine. Have a look at the FAQ.

Yes, that’s right as that is how I use it. As I said, the back, I have a matte plastic protector on it. If not, the glass back of the phone will be too slippery to stick.

Cheapest I could find on eBay: Only thing I’m wary about is forgetting and accidentally turning on the heater in my car and cooking my phone: I can however state that the Kenu version has done the job for me for the past couple of years.

I have my phone in the car everyday and its never moved, plus you can move it around easily from one vent to another. Archive View Return to standard view.

Spigen slim is on eBay in Australia for 15 apparently just ordered one well see. Otterbox S6 cases and screen protector Hrmm trying to decide on a Spigen or Otterbox.

How would spigen tough armour compare? It’s a fair bit cheaper than the otterbox. Anyone know which cases might be thick enough for that? As a general rule the thinnest case available will do just that.

Clear cases have always scuffed up on my phones so I stopped getting them. I am wondering how S6 wireless charging will work when there is a cover on?

Ended up going UAG: I bought a similar case for my M7 that had cutouts this close and it affected the flash so i had to take it back and get a case that had larger cut out I actually got my case Have a look and see if you guys like anything http: Does not ship to Aus.

I ordered some myself for the note 4 and the S6, it does ship to AU. Im in Vic and they are in Hawthorn I believe so not an issue: Yes it sure does mate, I ordered a few myself for the note 4 and the s6 Ok, it does but you need to change the sell to the non-fullfilled by Amazon one.

Also shipping is expensive. Not sure what you are doing mate, but I didnt have to do anything like that. Currently looking at these two; http: So far I’ve ended up getting..

The Spigen Neo Hybrid http: Just to give it a try, I’m don’t usually bother with screen protectors http: I bought the Spigen Flex Screen Protector http: Thank you again for choosing Spigen.

Sincerely, Spigen Customer Care. Just to give it a try, I’m don’t usually bother with screen protectors Let us know how this goes. Not sure how that will go Yeah, I don’t have my hopes up.

Ended up getting this Just wanted something thin with a bit of protection. Now to find a tempered screen protector that doesn’t look like crap.

No I was talking about the cheapo Chinese 1 I posted earlier. Just ordered this Spigen case. I’ve always preferred slim cases on my phones.

I think I’d rather just get an external battery pack. Do the cases interfere with wireless charging? As long as it’s not too thick. What are the best options so far?

I’m liking the look of the Spigen Neo Hybrid series of cases. Thanks for pointing out the Aussie reseller! Thats what I went with, just about to order the Kogan charging mat. I have a suspicion that these edge screen protectors are going to be difficult to apply whys that?

That edge tempered glass doesn’t cover the side of the screen lol. That edge tempered glass doesn’t cover the side of the screen lol no tempered glass protectors cover the curves yet.

I know they aren’t for everyone but for my S6 I have bought the following: Lol i have mastered the technique over the past few years. Ok, so if you get yours on without issues I’m posting mine to you Can someone sell me on the benefits of buying a wireless charger?

Don’t see any at all It’s convenient and saves wear and tear on the USB port. Don’t see any at all convenience i guess. I am planning to buy one in the future. It’s convenient and saves wear and tear on the USB port.

I keep my phones for 2 years by the way and charge every day mine gets flimsy over time. Idk if any of these are true or not since some are pinned as myths and others are pretty well recognised as issues phones get hot with normal charging as well.

Any tips for putting on a Glass screen protector on the normal S6? I’ve used a leather pouch like this before M7 http: They are cheaper than the Spigen website in the US they are genuine.

Cool thanks Same thats where I got my two cases from.. Thanks for the link I might pick one up. Will anyone be able to please briefly describe the different types of screen protectors?

Curious about what the tempered glass one is. So far, I best like the look of this screen protector posted earlier by Drunkenjay, satisfying my main requirement covers the edge from edge-to-edge http: No sign of shipping yet.

Don’t you want a UAG S6? Nexus 5 owner checking in. Hey guys Are any of you going for a clear case at all? Which would you go for in a clear case? Are any of you going for a clear case at all?

Really wanted something from day one Ok but if you order the other ones it might take more then 4 days to get to you so you wont get it for day one if you get the phone on the 10th, good luck though.

Ok but if you order the other ones it might take more then 4 days to get to you They are located not far from me and looks like they have pickup so not a problem.

How are you planning to deal with that aspect? He specifically said he is not going to be using a case? I know, but how else would you protect it other than always laying it face down?

Some great stuff in this thread helped me purchase this case: Just bought the Spigen Neo hybrid for the edge. Can anyone recommend a winner out of these two: I had a thought that maybe might be more chance of discolouration on the soft case I get this feeling that the hard clear case would be like the old cassette cases.

I recommend getting one of the Xiaomi ones from this site: Anyone gone for a bumper? I wont be using a case on my edge you like to live dangerously ;P.

Hehe couldn’t help posting that lol Nut I think but for perhaps powerpack cases which are good utilities, I’ve never used cases either. I’ll let you know what it is like when it arrives, which should be today or tomorrow.

Insurance covers it anywhere in the world.. The Flex looks like it will be from edge to edge, but have to confirm it again after i got the phone As per previous post, the new Thin Fit case is also on its way because this one is said to be incorrectly cut.

Now just waiting on the phone: Just got my Spigen Flex Screen Protector let me know how it fits please. The thin fit case is the only one I’ve heard about What’s this about? The case arrived today, just waiting on the phone now http: Is it in stock or not?

Looks like they don’t have it yet. Best send them a message. I got my bumper case this morning. It looks nice, I am sure it would look nicer with a phone to go with it though!

Its only been out for the note 4 and cost Dicksmith had tech 21 cases at the start of the week. Got myself 1 do they sell the genuine samsung cases or 3rd party cases?

Order online at Samsung — but the new circular ones appear to be out of stock for now did you read?! In Wa instores, not online. Guys, I just bought a wireless charging pad and I’m going to buy a spigen slim armour case Mine charges fine in a Spigen Neo Hybrid thats good, ive got the same case.

Looking at this one. Seems the s6 only gets the silver version and the edge has the black http: They have them at my local Optus store. Does it come with an AU power plug? You’ll have to use your own cable and charger.

Anyone got the Samsung Clear View or Wallet case? Never heard of that before. I’m always annoyed by the wet application. Might try the dry install one. How bout these for a dollar?!

Which one did you guys get? That you’re finding slippery? Patterned TPU for added style and comfortable grip. Patterned TPU for added style and comfortable grip Well its not uncomfortable, and it is patterned.

Anyone tried the Samsung protective case on a regular S6? What are they like? What’s the best screen protector for the for Edge? If someone finds a way to root a samsung galaxy precedent please let me know: For all android users!!

It just ruined my phone, now i am using SE companion to repair my phone!! I took a tablet phone from China. However it runs Android 2. Thanks for sharing the nice list of rooting the devices.

My android phone rooted through by reading your post. I have the android optimus q v 2. Or whatever plz help me. Need a special guide or is it going to work with any other galaxy guide?

Would it be possible to provide a guide for a tablet, MID 7 in. With A7 processor running 2. Tried ginger break, cant find anything. Tried super oneclick and it cant find drivers.

Universal androot doesnt work for anything 2. Thry gave me a tab that has a 1. Any help would be awesome, and greatly appreciated. I am not new to rooting at all, all my android devices are running clockwork recovery and rom manager for all.

So i do know what iam doing i just cant find drivers for this thing andbdont know how to develop a way. Is there a way to backup a device before rooting?

I have LG Vortex, and i got it cause it was cheap bad idea and i want to root it…. Is there something specific to the Bionic? I have tried rooting several times, but my bionic will not root.

Will the superoneclick v2. I have tried Gingerbreak and another rooting tool and i am not able to get my Motorola Droid Bionic to root. My box says its a samsung showcase galaxy s.

What do I do to get it rooted. Or is it listed on here already? My device is Micromax A75 with Gingerbread 2.

I was attempting to root my android device from china using z4. Iz it possible for me to root my phone? What is the procedure for doing so? GO Backup For Android: Thank you so much.

There is no rooting process tht can root a Samsung ST running 2. My chinese android mobile reads nte a copycat i was told of HTC. I am not able to run android market cause it reads only chinese.

I bought reliance reconnect with android 2. I have micromax A50 mobile plz tell me the procedure how to root my mobile I want hindi fonts on my android mobile.

I have a new at least in Brazil Motorola device XT and nothing worked until now, no method seemed to do the job. Are there any info on having rooted this phone before?

Linsay F-7HD, new to the android with 4. Does come Google certified with Google services. Just need root to try and change vold. Thanks for any info.

Please provide me guide for rooting my china tab — Iprof-T However, this works perfectly well on several other Gionee models, though!

I tried doing so using Mobogenie and then it said that my phone was successfully rooted. Last day, I came across this post and wanted to check my chance here. Hi I have samsung galaxy note II sch-i 4.

Anyone try a root on an LG Escape 2? As far as I can tell, it is a very uncommon phone. But if anyone has any resources on how to root this device, it would be much appreciated.

I attempted the one-click-root but it did not pan out, and my device is bricked on the bootup Life is Good screen. Hi, my brothers phone HTC One M8S became pretty much bricked Can only load the screen pictured below when the battery died on a stock auto update..

It was not tampered with in any way… Have found no solution online, if anyone has any ideas or help it would be very much appreciated..

Im new to this android stuff. I have been trying with no success to use framarooot and kingo but im failing. I have installed them in my xperia T – Lt30p. How can i root my phone? I want to remove some apps i feel are unnecessary to me.

I have an Alcatel Pixi 4 on 6. Could someone please send me a link to root the above? Hoping to root this brick i have stylo 2 7. Idk why it is but it seems tbis device formats itself and its a strugle to keep up with it.

Get daily tips in your inbox. Leave a comment Pingback: Can you please provide a guide for the HTC Legend. Sure thing, you will see it here within 24 hours. I need to find time to back up all my data so I can root it safely.

Load You will be asked. Or will the ZTE Racer way work? A60 comes with the stock 2. I want it to enable wireless tethering.

Can u publish a root for the Cricket Huawei Ascend M? I need that too, please. I need that, too, please. Does the universal methods work for rooting Micromax A60??????

Super one click rooted my Samsung Galaxy Ace successfully. Any suggestions as now warranty is void and I am left on community help.

I want to copy any fonts in this folder but I cant … Please help me.. Hey guys could you please help me root my HTC Magic?

What about archos tablets? Hi, can you please provide a guide on how to root Samsung Transform? Thanks, This is really a useful guide on how to root many different devices. Does this work for samsung mesmerise?

There you go, hope it works for you Optimus ME: Can you find a guide for Samsung behold ll for 64bit windows. We have recently written up a guide, please let us know if it works for you.

Will these universal roots work on the evo 3d? Will you have a root for the Motorola triumph phone when it comes out July the 19?

Can u please guide me to root optimus me p Wonder Media wm android Version 2. I want to know how to root my device! Hello can you make a tutorial on rooting for Samsung Galaxy Mini.. Is the htc evo 3d root coming soon?

Hey can someone put up the root process for the HTC sense please n thanks. Hello… I would b greatful if u provide d procedure for Spice Mi Could you please make a guide for Acer Tab A? Would really appreciate a root for xperia mini pro not the x10 mini pro.

Is there a root for virgin mobiles phone the vortex. Also any Roms recorveries software we use that someone else has created w make a Donation. Great work, Please provide guide for Spice Mi

23.01.2017 – Note The keyboard Galaxy stylus are excluded in the package and you will have to buy separately. Hello Hgonzales, you can try to reflash your phone, or you can try this rom http: I think GFD is the only other dual sim S8 variant so it looks like you’re out of luck if you want to flash an official Samsung firmware version. Thanks and best regards. Update and then wait until done. I just told about the possible reasons. I have found you do need xsa for telstra volte to work, with out Case no volte.

05.06.2017 – The bands will be the same. Back is raised only around the TPU corners and bottom of the phone. Here is a few photos of both gwlaxy yourself a favour and get the corsair one Galaxy Amazon its a stellar little unit! How do i root yalaxy a samsung s4? Case you provide a Guide for the Pantech Burst. I didn’t play with it that much. That would disrupt the local market and cause prices to go down.

22.07.2017 – MT chipset is still typically new, and new roms are still hard to come by, but still i will try Case best to get roms for the intended chipset. I have an LG Optimus Pro c phone! Odin resolutely refuses to recognise my note Galaxy just have to wait for the phone: Just to give it a try, I’m don’t usually bother with screen protectors. In the end, it’s your due diligence: Any idea how to root a HTC statu.

07.06.2017 – You are trying to assimilate different things. Galaxy Svaika to answer to your question, most phones have dual a6, if it has a front facing camera and is running android, it usually supports skype or video call Best Regards, Vince. I have tried 3 different Tempered Glass protectors and all of them have horrible Halos. Hi all just looking at this thread now as I’m wanting Galaxy buy a coral blue dual sim from becextech for my wife. Case I’ve never looked too deeply into screen protectors and there appears to be a heap with different features like tempered glass etc. It looks nice, I am galayx it would look nicer with Case phone to go with it though!


No sir… Осип(Иосиф) So I recently was given a Clone of the Galaxy S4. Its based on MTK quad core processor. I am looking for Roms since the battery life isnt very good. Copyright © 2017 New Release. LifeProof FRE Case for iPhone 8/7 (Black Lime) Four Proofs. Zero Doubt. Military Standard Drop & Shock Protection; IP Ingress Protection. – Galaxy s6 case jb hi fi.