Charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280

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There’s a reset hole you can poke which will most likely get it back up and running. Just bought usb to 2. charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280
Free Shipping China Wholesale Universal AC V To DC 9V 2A mm US/EU/UK/AU Power Supply Adapter Charger for ZeniThink C91 ZTPad ZT dacal. info: 9V 2A Car Charger Adapter for ZeniThink C91 ZTPad ZT Tablet PC – Free Shipping China Wholesale Universa DC 9V 2A mm Car.

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Hello, I am looking for a 12v car charger for the C91 ZT I found some on #####: dacal. info Baled. club ZeniThink ZTPad C91 Tablet Replacement Battery Repair Guide Make sure your tablet tablet is this: http. The C91 Upgrade comes with a manual, charger, cable to connect to dacal. info

Many charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280

I have tested it myself. Phone charger is light weight and handy for travel or using at work. Charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280 The C91 Upgrade comes with a manual, charger, cable to connect to dacal. info HISPEEDIDO PSW 9V 2A AC DC Power Supply Adapter Wall Charger For Zenithink touch screen Touch panel Digitizer FOR Zenithink ZTPad zt C

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Yes, I know, who zenirhink want to copy this tablet? Reminds me of a Galaxy Tab There are no screenshots about available memory and its type.

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Dacal What I’d do is get a needle or something thin and poke the reset button which I like to call the miracle button. I found it completely useless, it too is chunky, heavy and really goes against everything a tablet stands for as far as convenience and agility.

dacal. info: 9V 2A Car Charger Adapter for ZeniThink C91 ZTPad ZT Tablet PC – Free Shipping China Wholesale Universa DC 9V 2A mm Car. My son has what is described on the box as “ZTPad 10″ Wifi Touch screen Zenithink ZTC91 10” Zepad (H1_2n: GB @ MHz w/. ZeniThink ZTPad C91 Tablet Replacement Battery Repair Guide Make sure your tablet tablet is this: http.

Сlick on picture and go to details…
just cube u35gt quad core rk3188 ipad mini style 7 9 inch ips screen android 4 2 1gb ram ultr never used it, but

Also know that all the staff here are volunteers, we d on’t get paid for our time spent here, so please be patient with us Posted 28 January – Posted 29 January – Pas, The power in socket on my tablet is 3mm in diameter.

Charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280

There seem to be a number of variations – so I take it I will need a similar spec charger with a 2. Posted 02 February – Posted 04 February – I have 2 c93’s from zenithink.

Charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280

Just bought usb to 2. So I’m wondering the same question about aftermarket wall chargers. Anyone else having charging issues, I think maybe we’ve got poor quality female sockets inside the device, wearing out quickly?

Charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280

What do you guys think? If you look back a few pages, people had screen problems after flashing the M3CN with the 1A’s firmware. Not sure if that’s related to your case. I decided to give up on Tablets altogether, not just because of my bad experience with Zenithink, but tablets are more annoying than they are convenient.

Unlike you I do value my money ;-. I could already tell from my first uses of the tablet that it was of poor build. Just randomly lagging, unresponsive or just plain dying.

Charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280

Sure, the reset button works but I wasn’t going to chance it for the second time. At least the 32gb sd card i got for the tablet can go to the phone or camera and the Dagi stylus I got off ebay, I can sell to my friend.

If the zenithink had pressure sentivity and I could do this: Kelvinn, thank you so much for starting this threat. I had to wait for 21 days but boy I find that it was worth every minute.

Charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280

It was a present for my husband and he has not put it down ever since Just wanted to let you know that I also found a case for it, which functions also as a stand.

I already bought the metal simple stand mentioned earlier in this threat but that is now keeping the desktop computer company hahaha. I ordered it from ebay. It took 2 weeks to reach our house but works really well for us.

I forgot to say that the service received for both the case and the tablet was absolutely fabulous!!! The photo on the website I bought the tablet from shows a jack whereas our tablet has a mini ethernet slot there.

No wonder there is so much confusion Just sharing my experience — I received the item last week and the first time I switched it on, the screen was so bright see link below — sorry, if the pictures a bit blurred.

It’s so hard to read the menu. Then it started to work fine the next day until now been using it everyday. Hopefully, it will last.

Hey that was nice review you put up there!!! Instructions are available for installation on the c71 tablet, but not for the c91 model.

The Official link is http: Do you know about the above operating systems and have you tried installing it. I tried Plasma active in my virtual machine and i pretty much liked it!

Imagine the power of linux on a tablet, Ofcourse android is linux based but doesn’t have much power. Finally, i need a tablet which can run this plasma active. Unfortunately the official version of the plasma active tablet Vivaldi is not yet released.

So, i was hoping someone would try out the os and post some results so that i can buy the c91 upgrade model The new Australian Consumer law that was introduced on 1st January states that if a faulty product needs to be returned, then the retailer must pay for the postage etc.

I’m really interested on buying this machine and I was wondering if you caould answer me some questions. I’ve read some reviews saying that the wireless reception is very weak and if it is moved to a different room where the rooter is located it loses conectivity.

Is this the case? I want to buy this from Amazon because I have some vouchers but by the pictures I don’t know if this is the original one or not. Can you give me some advice? Perhaps ask someone at SlateDroid?

I’m a bit caught up at the moment with school at the moment, sorry. After using the tablet for a few months now, I haven’t had the wireless lose connectivity in any room of the house so far.

With that said, my house isn’t massive either and I have a pretty good router. But on the farthest side of the house away from the router, I still manage to get a connection. Like other listings on eBay and other sites, the specifications can contracdict what Zenithink states.

However, I think that one seems legit. I tried to download a rented movie from “Google Play” and it came up with a error message that my device was rooted and it would not download the movie. I am new to the Tablet and Android and have no idea what to do.

I went to Amazon and they say that this tablet is not a compatible device. I submitted for a refund and Google called me and they said that this tablet is not registered to download movies from “Google Play” at all.

What does this all mean?? I will be traveling at the end of the month and wanted to download some movies to watch while flying.

Can you please tell me how this can be done? It’s a simple question can it be done if so how?? Throw the movies onto the microSD card. Open up a File Explorer.

Open it with a movie player. This basically means that the Zenithink is not an Google Play supported device and by Google “laws” should not have the Google Play app store.

It is Androids mission that every tablet that has Google Play meets the criteria so that the apps are also compatible with the device. Some of the chinese tablets you buy have a version of Google Play but in real terms they shouldn’t.

For a full version of Google Play and the ability to play movies from Google Play I believe you need to buy one of the tablets on this Supported Devices list. But really its just one of the shortfalls of buying a cheaper tablet, and for the money you save probably not a deal breaker either.

This modem has been working on my laptop for the last 6 months, just sold laptop. I have been using tablet for last month at home on wifi with no problems.

I am not using a USB hub. Haven’t had experience with using a 3G dongle with the tablet before — always tethered my phone. Decided to post my tablet up for sale as it is no longer needed.

Will try to continually answer questions on this thread but keep in mind I may not have my tablet any more. My C91 upgrade is supposed to show up today. For those of us who need a little help with terminology, what is the difference between the kernel and the android update files at http: If the kernel is not included with the android update file, where do we find it to download?

What is the correct version to use with the newest Zenithink update? The stock kernel is included in the Zenithink update. But you can install a custom kernel from SlateDroid to enhance performance.

Any rotating of the tablet screen will autorotate the document too, so no help. I’m from Buenos Aires and I want to buy a tablet. Since importing stuff here lately has been hell, I’m going to resort to buy it directly from stores or whatever for a reasonable price.

But since I can’t affor a lotof money, I want a cheap tablet. This one seemed like a good cheap choice out of all I’ve seen so far in my town, having a 10″ screen, because I mainly want to use it to read comics books, pdf, etc.

Web surfing, games, playing movies are all nice add-ons, but it would not be my main use. But reading now this thread, makes me wonder if I should get this one or not Also, do any of you use 10″ tablets to read comics, and particulary this one?

My main concern is speed in terms of “page turning” and fullscreen size I wouldn’t want to zoom a lot in portrait mode, otherwise I’d rather a cheaper 7″ and zoom all the time.

I never had a tablet in my hands, so I wouldn’t know how a “good” tablet should be like, such as the Ipad or the Xoom I mainly want to use it to read comics books, pdf, etc.

As several posts in this thread indicate the ZTPad C91 is ‘ok for the price’. The screen is probably a repurposed portable dvd player screen. There are slightly discernibe pixel grid lines and the viewing angles are limited.

The multi touch screen functions work quite well. It shows videos quite acceptably though a class 10 microSD card would speed up loading times about 10 mins per GB. The unit feels quite solid but would not take too many bumps there are some reports of loose wires inside the case, see posts on http: The keyboard is cramped and only marginally more useful than the keyboard apps on the device.

Also the one I have has a few wrongly mapped keys. But it has no ‘go to’ page xx, or t. The Aldiko app from www. It slides successive pages and has a good ‘go to’ feature.

It works well provided the text size is not too small. It also handles figures, drawing, photographs in the file quite well. I’d suggest getting the optional case with keyboard to provide better protection I have found that the keyboard “case” is not really a case as such.

I certainly don’t use it that way, many have commented on their tablets falling out of the keyboard cases too when carried like a case.

I have found the zippered neoprene case that I use every day to be much better protection when the tablet is not in use and it allows you to also put in accessories like earphones, screen cloth etc.

There is a new ROM update available at http: Hi netnode and other owners of zenithink c91 upgrade tablets. Have been following this thread for a while as I own one of these ztpads without any problems.

I downloaded the previous first ROM update without a problem. After reading about new 2nd ROM update I downloaded it from Zenithink’s site installed it as per instructions and ZtPad refuses to reboot.

It freezes at an icon of glass container with red contents and refuses to budge from there and finish booting. No amount of hitting reset point with pin etc or even reinstalling new ROM using camera and start buttons changes anything.

My ZtPad is now inaccessible to me. Can anyone please help? Thank you netnode I was able to find solution to my problem there. Seems others had same problem. I downloaded an app called “Quick System Info” which is how I knew is was clocked below advertised spec in the first place and selected the “Processor” option to see that the “CPU Frequency Range” is now Mhz — Mhz; previously it was Mhz to Mhz.

Can’t Poweron during charging. I found that it gave me the speed increase described above, and also fixed my problem with using an external GPS unit via bluetooth — it didn’t work before this update.

Sadly, I still can’t update Google maps, and surprisingly the bug it was supposed to fix Can’t poweron during charging is still present. I using this tablet about week and I am pretty satisfied.

Tablet came with 2 dead pixels, everything else is OK. Delivery time, to Bosnia, via Sinpost, is 10 days what is fast. I quickly read through all the pages, however, I didn’t notice if you can use this tablet with a Telstra wireless dongle.

Can you connect a card reader to the tablet and download pictures from an SD card? I was however surprised that the power cable has a 2pin plug which is not compatible with Australian power point connections.

Just as well the seller helomolto included an adapter. Should I have expected a compatible power cable?

What did you get? In reading the thread on the topic of the ZTpad I don’t seem to recall anyone making reference to the cable. I’d be interested to know what others received, and what they think.

My Zenithink came with the same charger and Aus adapter that you seemed to get, pretty dodgy really.

I recently grabbed one of these, I didn’t want my kids messing with a dodgy wall plug. Yeah, that’s what I got too. Sorry, I don’t think I mentioned it in the opening post however if you look at the ‘Inside the box’ photo, you can see the adapter.

Kelvinn, Thanks for that. I’m okay with using the adapter, I just wanted to make sure it was the standard issue as it were. However I have it a snag when it comes to connecting the ZTpad tablet to my desktop pc.

It will not recognize the tablet. I have tried unchecking the debugging USB box, as suggested by the seller, but that hasn’t helped.

I’ve tried different cables but that is not the problem. Admittedly the pc is a few years old now. Is it missing a driver? The odd thing is that my laptop recognizes the tablet.

Any suggestions you have are much appreciated. Thanks for your time. I just recenetly purchased one and love it to bits.

Purchased it off ebay seller Helomolto. However im trying to connect to the internet using a huawei e usb dongle and its not working. The 3g connection as explained in the user manual doesnt come up.

The internet service provider im with is bigpond. I just bought a second hand one for the kids and they love it. The first thing I did was to update the firmware and apps. Now I’m trying to get my Huawei X3 phone to tether to it but no joy.

The phone tethers fine to my PC and notebooks, but nothing on the Zenithink. Can anyone tell me what steps they take on the ZTPad end to get tethering working? I have the little brother — C71 running ICS.

Open that first and when it shows a data connection it will also display the security key. On the C91, open Settings and enable wi-fi, then search for your phone’s wi-fi hotspot.

Enter the correct code and you should have a secure internet connection. This also works with a pre-paid sim even if the vendor says it doesn’t. Got the unit on eBay for a great price. We use this all the time when we go up the coast where there is no other broadband to “borrow”, and this powers all of our tablets and phones says it will connect up to 5 devices for a reasonable cost.

I know the term tethering is used also for wifi and bluetooth, but in my opinion this is incorrect. The term ‘tether’ means to attach via a cord or strap — in this case, the USB cable. When connected to the phone via wifi or bluetooth, I believe that ‘hotspot’ is a more appropriate term.

All that happens is the ZTPad says something about “ok to disconnect storage device”. Yep — I hate cables everywhere, but I tried using a cable to tether and got no-where. I read somewhere that using conventional 3G dongles doesn’t work either.

Just to let everyone know that I bought this same tablet from helomolto on eBay and have had endless issues with the tablet and helomolto. They will not provide a phone number so email is the only way to communicate.

They seem to pretty much ignore anything I email. It is just send it back at my cost. The last time I returned it it was because it had been returned with the back of the tablet not clicked in and then screen was a mess of black, red and green static probably damaged in the post.

I liked the tablet when it was working BUT it came each time with defects. One time it came back with another person’s name on the back. I realise I should have gone for a refund while within the 45 days to dispute it, but did initially trust these people.

Each time it has taken ages to sort out so did not take long to get to the end time for disputes. I will buy another tablet if and when I get this one back as I am not sending it back again.

I have had very few problems over the years with eBay sellers BUT this is the worst. A 12 month warrenty can get costly and very frustrating with this trader and I would never deal with them again.

That sounds about right. The video ribbon cable can come loose which is quite known on this model causing such problems. Open it up, reseat the cable and the distortion should be gone. Curious, could you tell us the problems you are having?

It could require a minor fix and you’ll have a functioning tablet again — better than having a paperweight I guess. That tablet was too small for me especially when typing — I have large fingers but am worried about being ripped off with a fake.

At the moment I want a tablet to do three things: No doubt I shall become addicted to games on the thing as well. I wouldn’t get this tablet any more. It’s been superseded by much better tablets for the same price such as:.

Great value I reckon for a 3G tablet. Undoubtedly better build quality and if anything was to go wrong, you could take it back to the store. Performance wise, the Cube U30GT is the better one out of the three.

Might want to check that out in the other products threads before purchasing. Gaming might be limited on the XOOM 2 due to it’s old graphics component, but it should be able to handle simpler games.

The U30GT would handle games the best out of the three. Well the ALDI Android failed to connect at the university info commons after 10 minutes, so that’s definitely going back.

The ALDI was bought on a whim just to see if a tablet really was what i wanted. It is, but not that one. Of the two you’ve listed the CUBE looks a lot more attractive to me.

Also, it would seem odd that a gaming store would sell something that didn’t play games apps! I tried the same thing but after the new kernel install load it the tablet just brick it.

Nothing to do, just return to official firmware. BTW, the Zenithink company removed any firmware version for this model from their site.

In the zt-update folder I paste just the 2 files that you indicate, the new versions of kernel and recovery.

Not worked at all. The tablet remains in freeze mode. Hi JUDyth, Sorry to hear about your tablet. On ours the speaker stopped working. Returned it and after ageas and e-mails and so on got back a second hand tablet.

Not sure if it is even legal for them to replace a faulty tablet with a second hand one in the warranty period, will investigate. It is definitely another tablet as the MAC is different and it has scratches all over the place.

I buy a few things off EBay, this is one of those sellers you would not want to deal with. See what this tablet does but being a used one I expect it to die soon.

Archive View Return to standard view. Thank you very much for such a detailed review. Let us know what you think, NEED, if you decide to purchase it. A quick review of things so far: Is your app updated?

Can you say where it was purchased from?? Thanks for the review: That’s quite a boost in performance if those benchmarks are anything to go by! Doesn’t seem too hard, I’ll give it a go this arvo.

Thanks for the help! I will be returning the tablet to them tomorrow Let us know how you get on with this, hopefully they are good to deal with for your problem and can fix it for you.

Definately the C91 upgrade, and yes it only started happening after updating the ROM. This is my first post guys so apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong area. Have ordered from Helomolto earlier today.

Should get it by the weekend: Great job once again! Your help has been invaluable! I don’t think it actually says anywhere on the page C91 Upgrade does it?

Also check out the release date, listed just under all the included gifts Mid August Appreciate any help with this. Now this could be my router as it is only ‘G’ so a better one may fix that problem If the modem is not recognised by the tablet, the APNs will not be displayed.

Thanks Benolam, I’m still a bit confused as the specs said it should work on a Qualcomm modem — would there be any other reason why it’s not getting recognised?

I don’t know what model the Telstra Bigpond dongle is but it will have to be an exact match. As you can probably tell I’m not exactly up to speed with all this. I noticed that the model number on the side is M3Cn Got mine today and found it is the same.

Just need to find out where to get a screen protector for it now Thanks in advance for any help Is it the s o ame tablet? I paid less for my tablet and then paid more for express shipping. Thank you for the nice review Kelvinn!

I know it’s not a IPS screen but if it is really this bad I might want to look further ; Thanks alot in advance, take care!

Thanks for the pictures and for the quick answer: Thanks man, looking forward to it! I cancelled my order with the Chinese seller as they said it could not be sent for days.

As a result of recommendations on this thread, I just bought one from helomolto I read in their negative feedback that helomolto are not based in Melbourne but Hong Kong? When I sent it back though was to a Melbourne p.

On ebay helomolto stated that “We dispatch as soon as payment is confirmed. I sent a message with the payment asking for the item to be sent today, no reply. I phoned the person H Wijaya until it rang out.

I sent him an SMS, no reply. I later sent him another message via ebay, no answer. I then phoned again, rang out again. All these attempts have been over a four hour period.

The address of helomolto is given as the Law Courts, Victoria, bit weird? Yes, I am anxious, I wouldn’t worry too much. Thanks, after my ordeal with trying to buy from China, I was anxious.

It doesn’t help to suffer from serious anxiety. Thanks again for listening. Finally got back to this Also is the helomolto ebay store still the best place to buy it Thanks.

Hey, I even got an extra 4GB micro sd out of it. Can’t complain with free stuff! Ermm are they selling knock offs or what? I was tempted to buy but now? Hello Everyone, Thanks to OP and all who posted here, your info was fantastic.

Thanks again and happy slating. Let me know how it goes. I also asked about missing screen protector but no response to this. I will ask again. Also how can you be sure you are getting a 1A so you can update it.

I am currently ion the lookout for a new tablet, seems to be some great offerings coming out of China What others are you looking at, im trying to weigh up my options. What others are you looking at, im trying to weigh up my options Without going too far off topic, it will be one of the Chinese tablets, Dual Core, IPS screen.

I have had my tablet for a week and during that time I have had to reset it three times. Anyone else have this problem? What box did it come in?

Did you buy from helomolto? No, this is the link for the item. Great Android 4 tablet. I bought mine from this guy: Appreciate your experiences with using slower or faster sd cards on this tablet.

Sorry to hear that. Thanks a million Kelvinn Pulled it apart and found a loose ribbon cable: Interesting that the tablet has settings for audio speakers, but nothing for microphone.

Wait, do you have the C91 or C91 Upgrade? Is it the updated version. I’m sure it’s legitimate and many buyers are being attracted by the free Express Post shipping.

It’s got 1GB Ram so it must be the upgrade version. Oh I love the tablet pouch they are offering I wonder if he will sell me the pouch on its own? There is USB debugging options in developer settings.

Ordered on Friday from Helmoto and arrived on Monday in Perth. Thank You Kelvinn — will try this tonight and let you know how I get on. If no, can we install one?

My tablet is stuck on “Android” loading screen. Can’t turn it off holding the power button. Mine did the same thing a few days ago.. I got a pin and pushed the reset button. Not very good am I?

Didn’t manage to get past line one of your instructions!! This is exactly what is happening to me. Decided to buy a stand for it here: Nice stand, I also bought one, thanks for the heads up.

If anyone else has mic problems, check this out http: Any suggestions to iron out some perceived flaws would be appreciated. We always make an effort to keep it upto date. Just give us the opp We stand behind our quality products.

Just give us the opportunity to resolve a problem. Refer to the picture. Zenithink ZT C91 Android 2. One full year service warranty! We really appreciate your kindness.


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versdaldiane dacal. info: zenithink zt c Interesting Finds Updated Daily. Amazon Try Prime All USA 9V Charger for Zenithink ZT ZT C91 Eken MF MS MF. Copyright © 2017 dacal. info: 9V 2A Car Charger Adapter for ZeniThink C91 ZTPad ZT Tablet PC – Free Shipping China Wholesale Universa DC 9V 2A mm Car Charger Adapter for. – Charger zenithink zpad c91 zt 280.