Box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control

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The HDMI on this is very fussy. This is what he sent me spelling mistakes included: So for me I will stick to my dedicated media player for playing video files. box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control
Flexiview FV-1 Android TV Box – Uberoid Alpha. FlexiVIEW FV-1 Android GoogleTV RJ45 Wifi HDMI Remote Control – dacal. info results from dacal. info Use your Android phone or tablet as a remote for your Android TV. Easily switch between d-pad and touchpad modes to navigate content and play games on Missing: flexiview ‎fv ‎rj45 ‎hdmi.

The left box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control full

Apr 16, · Flexiview FV-1 Android TV Box – Support for G wireless remote control uk/itm/Flexiview-FVD-AndroidGoogle-Internet-Wifi-IP-TV-Box-HD-Media. Baled. club Yay, my ‘generic’ Android TV Box arrived earlier today exactly 2 Easy Connections to Power, HDMI to TV & Ethernet posted Apr, pm AEST 1) Press and slide down the cover on the back of the remote control. I have a FlexiView FV-1 if anyone is keeping score of how many re. If you prefer a pure android experience, check out the new 5-inch ggle pixel flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control; V Htc u play photography; Box android tv css quad core camer

All box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control

Bluboo store here self, sony xperia z3 compact sprint. How do touch-sensitive scrns work? Thanks for all the info guys, great to hear from you, I will check things out a little further. Box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control If you prefer a pure android experience, check out the new 5-inch ggle pixel flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control; V Htc u play photography; Box android tv css quad core camer speaker; Buy box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control; Official samsung galaxy s8 plus pop cover case black

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Phone box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control manufacturers

So its not really useable for HD. Founded by a French team, ChiniStore aims to make accessible the best of the technology to rdmote population. Meizu pro 5 buy penny, 4 inch smartphones below I have one of these device.

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Micro USB à HDMI p HD TV câble adaptateur Android Smart pour s 3 4 Blanc sans fil clavier et souris pour CS hdmi rj45 android google rk tv b. . Xbmc quad core android tv box remplacement usb câble de charge/plomb Mini Ghz USB Wireless Air Mouse Remote Control for Android Windows. 1 2 3. It can connect with RJ45 LAN and WIFI network, USB external Hard GOOGLE TV: Play HD video Remote control: Support IR and G wireless remote control dacal. info – SMART-Internet-TV-Box-HDTV-HDMI-Google-ANDROIDWIFI-. Dacal D I think that we will not get a recovery menu like CWM because the partition layout is more like a router that a android phone. This only checks the root status, it does not root your device.

Use your Android phone or tablet as a remote for your Android TV. Easily switch between d-pad and touchpad modes to navigate content and play games on Missing: flexiview ‎fv ‎rj45 ‎hdmi. You can control your TV through your phone or tablet with the Android TV Your remote control app will only work if it’s on the same Wi-Fi network as your 2. If you can’t connect using Wi-Fi, try to connect using Bluetooth. Make sure 3. Restart your Android TV. Restart your Nexus Player by unplugging the power dacal. infog: flexiview ‎fv ‎googletv ‎rj45 ‎hdmi. Yay, my ‘generic’ Android TV Box arrived earlier today exactly 2 Easy Connections to Power, HDMI to TV & Ethernet posted Apr, pm AEST 1) Press and slide down the cover on the back of the remote control. I have a FlexiView FV-1 if anyone is keeping score of how many re.

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To share the info about these Android TV Boxes. I have started putting the interesting bits in but anybody else who wants to, feel free to update it. I have been able to get this update. Sohil, have you tried this update?

Box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control

It isn’t an OSK update, I assume we copy the extract over the relevant file on the box. BTW I picked mine up from Aliexpress.

Box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control

I saw Kogan was going to sell the android box and searched my favourite Chinese retail site. Rooting works, but some times it fais at first try.. Was able to root with z4root and noticed the whole thing is faster and smoother.

Box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control

Also original firmware was buggy with respect to Wifi. You don’t realise how many apps rely on the device orientation to work properly.

A number of apps have the menu in portrait and play in landscape. No use for a static box. Has anyone success to connect the box with adb on LAN or WiFi without 3rd party software like adbwireless.

Box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control

Because for some tests, it would be great to take access to the box, in case the OS didn’t start. Yeah, I connected remotely. I did this after rooting so I don’t know if that is necessary.

Basically from the terminal emulator on the android device I did I think scorpio means adb by usb, not wireless But in worsed case this methode is useless. So we need a connection before OS start.

Box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control

After a short look in init. A lan connection can be configured the same way that a wireless, see two or three posts above,, but using a ip from the ethernet network, not the wifi network.

But, what is the fix if the wireless network doesnt work, and you config the ethernet with a manual ip that you dont remember?.. No way to connect by adb.

The only way is USB. This is the way to go Yes, I’ve this FW on my box now. New bootscreen, icons for home and loudness in statusbar and for me an major improovement: I can connect now with adb without 3rd party software.

USB-Debugging is possible from menue. All that wasn’t possible on my stock FW. Forgot to mention home and sound control icons on status bar. I find also better wireless speed. Recommend this firmware to all.

Just wondering what setup people have to stream movies either on the fly or not from their PC to their box? Been doing some research on the market with apps using my DHD and can’t really find anything that works or something that doesn’t require too much setup.

It seems to lack wifi and official Android Market. I guess I will need Android Version 2. Any idea when this will be possible?

And does it make a difference whether its a fv1 or kogan machine? As I mentioned in the Kogan thread, the SoC in this box is supposed to be able to decode high profile H.

Also, has anyone had any luck with getting the source code? Surely they’re in violation of the GPL if they don’t at least release the kernel sources? There are several boxes based on it selling now though, inc, the MP, eg: If there isn’t one already, there will be soon.

I’m thinking in principle of something like this or this. Would anyone be interested in clubbing towards a bulk order direct from the manufacturer? After first getting a couple of samples to inspect, obviously.

I’m not just thinking of cost reduction, I’m thinking that a bulk order direct from the OEM might swing the full source code too, as a condition. That’s the real prize. Many others with lesser CPUs claim to be able to do this, and what I’ve read about the Samsung SoC indicates it should too it has H acceleration, yet the review posted above says not.

The Tegra 2 based Trimslice box I mentioned in the Kogan thread seems not to, as far as I’ve been able to try I have one, despite being dual core at 1ghz. Tho you need Dice Player android Market for this.

It is the only player that allows HW Acceleration on this unit. Playing HD is a bit pointless tho, the box only renders on an internal res of x, then scales it up to p for output.

So its not really useable for HD. There is a “Enjoy TV” set top box being released shortly by www. It will probably be easier to iron out any problems with a local IT company than having to contact overseas.

I am prepared to wait and see what they will offer, ie cost, what programs will be easily obtained and so on. Kogan is very good but they sell products, they do not have the expertise to evaluate technical problems.

I purchased the following item off Ebay recently, and should get it soon. Will let you guys know what it’s like when I get it.

It’s and android 2. Rockchip RK, up to 1. Full HD P hardware video decoder 6. Built-in Adobe flash player Full internet browser Online video, music and games Support Extent Wire mouse or wireless mouse.

After some research, it turns out that the Android 2. I Purchased a Android 2. I am a tester and developer for our company Creative Techniques and we where testing the fitness for purpose to our U.

K customers of this particular high potential product. The support for it is very weak and is the only downfall of this product.

Is this box upgradable to Newer android without risking a Brick? Where can we obtain the USB drivers for this device? I’ve had one of these boxes for a couple of month now.

I love what it can do, but my box has managed to kill several USB devices. Interfreak, I am looking forward to your Youtube when you have sorted out your new box.

Thanks mate, hopefully it will turn up before the end of this week. EMS tracking shows it left customs in Sydney yesterday so should be here any day now. Hi Brett The fifth post on the first page of this thread shows that this can be done over ethernet:.

There are Android 2. So beware when you are shopping around for you Android TV box! Tethering nicely to my iPhone 4.

Having mucked around with it for an hour or so, I’m very impressed with what you get for the price! Downloaded Angry Birds Rio and it played smoothly. Looking forward to putting more demanding games on it to see how well it goes!

Navigating around the menus is very easy indeed, no different to an android phone. Web browsing is fantastic and will be even better when my wireless keyboard and mouse turn up! I had some related trouble like that as well and thought the device was stuffed, but it turned out to be a dodgy HDMI cable plug.

Maybe try a different cable? Yeah gonna try that tomorrow. I am km away from home at the moment so will have to go buy one lol! I was using the supplied cable that came with the box.

I should also mention that I was easily able to root the device using z4root. Some sort of compatibility issue I think. Yeah I’m thinking that could be the case as well. I sent the seller of the Android TV an email to let him know that the HDMI cable is faulty, and also asked if there was any new firmware out for the device.

This is what he sent me spelling mistakes included:. Hi, Sorry for causing you such problems. Have you tryed another HDMI cable?

Please download the new firmware and upgrade it for a try, please read the upgrading user guide carefully before you upgrading. The player itself supports Google TV, more features and functions will be added in future firmware.

So I’d say that:. I bought one, they look very good. I purchased a cheapie, still doesn’t work. I’m still thinking it’s just an incompatibility issue with older TV’s.

My box has trouble with the pioneer amplifier but works ok when connected direct to the Panasonic TV. I have concluded that the HDMI interface is not quiet on spec.

Have had similar but different problems with other HDMI boxes in the past. HDMI is great when it works! Lol funny that, my box works fine with my Pioneer amp at home!

I agree, the HDMI with this box is not quite on spec. A warning for those trying to connect it to an older TV! OK just updated the firmware as detailed in my previous post: The only differences are the ‘R’ on the end of ‘Application Version’ and an extra ‘0’ in there that I can see.

There is a definite speed improvement across the board boot up is very quick and you can still root. No bloatware was included in this update.

My pioneer is a SC-LX A few years old. Have not investigated why the box does not work with it. Yeah mines a new VSX My YouTube review is ready!

Sorry about it not being in HD, was having a few issues uploading it. Good video, nice and informative. I had previously updated my box to the same firmware. However I had to update the market manually using the link posted in this thread for latest version.

I also tried to install Dolphin Browser but it does not show up in market and browsing to the home site it will not install as it says it is not compatable with my machine?

Agree that it is a fun device especially for the price. I have just ordered the Geniatech Android pvr to have a play around with it. I am interested to see the difference in performance etc between the 2 devices.

I liked your video very much, thank you, I am amazed that you got your head around everything and made the video in such a short time.

WV1, I’m not sure why Dolphin Browser is not working for you? Maybe try and find an. Wow, glad I found this site, a LOT of good info on this little box, just ordered one off of ebay After some further mucking around with the new firmware I’ve discovered: But the update, you provided, hasn’t installed the new market and Flash Are you sure it doesn’t came from an app restore after update?

I’ve been mucking around even more today and have tweaked the ‘build. To make UI more responsive: I set mine to If the the text doesn’t already exist in the build. All the instructions are in the link I provided.

The above changes result is a much zippier, smoother UI and application experience. Benchmarking with these changes using Quadrant Benchmark have seen it just from around to around And does it handle p?

Ive noticed now when you download apps from the marketplace that it gives you the option to install to the SD card straight away. Oh man, this device just keeps getting better and better!

I installed an app called ‘N64oid’ and ‘obtained’ Super Mario The app let me map the wireless remote’s buttons up, down, left, right etc etc, so I was able to play the game in full screen using the wireless remote!!!!

I guess i should be reading the thread but it’s several pages long already. My question is simple, is the kogan agora internet thingy the same as this flexiview FV-1?

I am happy enough with the unit playing movie files etc. It seems that it can only output stereo sound and not dolby digtal 5.

So for me I will stick to my dedicated media player for playing video files. Yeah audio is a bit of a let down, but as this unit doesnt really output in HD anyway i can live with it.

And that is done by the unit very very well. Its definatly worth the low price. Some like the Flexiview have Bluetooth and Wireless 2.

Found it but it always says “sorry, no seasons found”. I’m looking at getting either one of these or the Logitech Revue, leaning more towards this at the moment.

Does anyone have any pros and cons for either of them? The Logitech Revue can be updated to Honeycomb Android 3 in the near future, and there is a leaked version floating around at the moment.

The issue is the Revue is US only and is really only suited to that market, having said that with Android being what it is, it should be hackable to make it more suitable to use anywhere else in the world.

Price wise, the Revue is very cheap for what you get and is a good alternative to the FV-1 and probably a more polished product.

The FV-1 is a fun box especially for the price. As interfreak has stated plenty of pros throughout thread.

The weakness to me is: Audio is stereo only. Can play hi-def video ok for me but surround audio is part of movie experience. Any changelog or user reports for the latest update yet? I just installed the update released a few days ago and dont want to go through all the resetup and reinstallation of my apps again if it is not worth it.

I realise that this is probably not the right thread to talk about a Android Box that is not Flexiview, so I apologise as this is the thread with all the action about Android Boxes.

I am pretty sure that it is a GeniaTech Model, it looks identical. Would appreciate advice from you guys that are more knowledgeable about these sort of things.

The specs sound better than the FV-1 but whether or not it works better in operation is another story. The best thing about it is the remote with the qwerty keyboard on the back, but does it have a wireless pointer like the FV-1?

Unfortunatley this week is a holiday in ShenZen China so has not been shipped yet. Thanks for all the info guys, great to hear from you, I will check things out a little further.

I don’t want throw my cash away. Functionally the unit looks very similar to the one talked about here. One difference is that it did not have Flash Player I am also having problems with getting applications from the Android Market.

They sometimes do not download. I am still playing around with it. This is not the same box as the trhread being made by geniatech and has a different processor.

Maybe should have its own thread. I assume this is the same? If it plays media from networks hare over wireless like the WD Live.

I would buy it straight away: Great to see someone finally get one of the Geniatech devices. To avoid confusion, I’d also suggest that a new thread be started particularly as we also post about the firmware that is specific to the FV If anyone can throw some light on what I am doing wrong, then please let me know.

My FV-1 is still going strong. I mostly use a wireless mouse to navigate around with, more accurate than using the pointer and much more relaxing.

My wireless keyboard is still enroute. I wish that Honeycomb will come to the FV-1, or at least 2. With steady updates this device is powerful enough to last quite sometime.

The kogan version is identical and the firmware posted will work on this unit which I have done so. I look forward to giving this firmware a go on my kogan unit I posted a question on the other thread I received my Kogan version of this device 2 days ago and no matter what I try I can not get the unit to detect to my Wi-Fi no matter how close it is to my router.

Weirdly it does detect other wireless networks not seen by the other devices in the house, but not any that are detected by the other devices, such as my neighbours. I also purchase a Dab, WiFi Radio and it can detect my network from a decent distance and all the other wireless devices have no problems.

I have tried to add the network manually but receive the message that the network is not in range. It is like it is using a different frequency as it is picking up network none of my other wireless equipment can see.

Very odd indeed, sounds like more of an issue with your modem rather than the device itself if it can see other networks? It is weird, the devices detects networks that no other devices 3 x laptops, 1x iphone, 1x ipad, 1x kogan Internet radio in the house can see and does not detect my network or any of the others that are detected by the other mentioned devices.

What I am trying to say is the IpTV box detects a completely different list of WiFi networks then the 6 other devices in the house. Hmmm maybe try updating the firmware to the latest version?

The links to this are located earlier in this thread. I may return this one and try another first, just in case they do not refund after the upgrade.

Unless reverting is an easy process. All I would like is one of these with a Digital Tuner built in. Searched alot and can not find one yet. I have just received an email from geniatech, the ATV will be released within 2 months.

I also updated my Kogan unit with the firmware as previously mentioned http: Hi wondering if anyone can help me. I can’t understand why it was working earlier and now i can’t get a signal?

It’s a known issue that the FV-1 has issues connecting to older TV’s. I’d suggest updating the firmware if you can, but other than that there’s no solution to your problem.

I had to totally power off the kogan unit then turn it back on just to get the hdmi signal to work. I’ve now upgraded the firmware as posted earlier and the problem seems to be resolved.

Thanks guys i will try and update the firmware. Very easy — the firmware update link has a document that explains how to upgrade in step by step instructions.

Thanks for your help but i updated the firmware and still no signal on the HDMI so i guess it’s not going to work. Do you get any HDMI signal at all?? How do you know the update worked? After updating you should notice that the device now boots up with a generic “Android” splash screen instead of the “Kogan” one.

Rachperth I had a similar experience with this box and hdmi. In my case it will not work when connected to the pioneer home theatre amp hdmi.

It worked once but never again. Fortunatley it works with a direct connection to my panasonic tv. Hdmi is great as a concept but can be fickle as well.

Jolt i have another smaller tv that it works on so i was able to update it on there and you were right it was very easy to do! It now starts up with the generic android splash screen but it still will not work on the tv i actually brought it for.

WV1 i think thats what makes it all the more frustrating is that i had it working perfectly on there and now i can’t get it working at all on that tv, very annoying!

I had a similar issue with my Kogan box with my Samsung TV. I would have to power off the Kogan box then turn back on before it got any HDMI signal — this consistently occurred.

I actually returned it to Kogan support but they could not reproduce the issue at all and sent it back!!!??? So I just put up with it. Then luckily this firmware has fixed it for me — unfortunately not you — that sux.

The big kicker is i only brought the smaller lcd tv for a playroom 2 weeks ago had i known i would have moved mine to the playroom and brought a nice new TV for myself ;.

Fixes wired LAN problem. I actually managed to get mine working on my LG tv now, i brought a HDMI to component converter and it’s working fine. Got it from jamellcables. Anyone having trouble logging into the ftp site?

Did anyone ever get the source code for this box? Does anyone know how to launch a particular app when the box boots up? I wanted AngryBird app to load always during start up I finally got a full download from the above China site by doing it at about 7am on a Saturday morning It worked fine after unzipping and doing the rename to android.

Word of warning; After the upgrade I had to totally reinstall all my personal screen layouts, wallpaper, apps, etc, so make sure you have them well backed up before starting,.

For Android to make apps default to auto-update when installed. Anybody know if there’s a way to make Google Earth run?

Mine gives an error during load as if it’s unhappy there’s no GPS. Checkout the various SMB products on Market that work well at letting some file managers and apps access your windows network drives.

This should help with wifi dropping off https: The way I see it the box uses the same os as for a phone so wifi can be flaky as it may then look for a 3g signal.

This app ensures it locks wifi to on always. Never had a solid connection on jtv before. As for playing files of that scale it can struggle however I have successfully watched p video from my usb drive, you just have to find a good player like mobo or v player.

As for streaming at that quality then don’t bother. Thanks a lot for your confirmation. So I will not sell my existing Rockchip player, because it can play and output p very well.

I intend to sell mine and get FV1 because the UI looks bigger than mine. The only problem with my G-Box Rockchip is nobody can root it. The text display on the Android home menu and app icons are a bit small.

The other features are fine. Now that I’ve had my FV-1 for a month or so, and gotten used to it, I must say I’m quite happy with it, even did a full factory reset yesterday and then reinstalled all.

Wasted a day, but all seems good now. Some video players cannot play these files natively so you need to find one that does. I use Stream Media Player but note there are two listed so use the one with the video camera icon.

The other problem is that some video players will only replay in 4: After a while it will locate stuff on the network. You will likely have addresses for your PC and networked media players.

You may have several for these if you have both wireless and ethernet connected. Open these up and navigate to the device and folder you wish to play media from. Play the selected media. If you get the message “Sorry, no application available”, then Long Click on the video you want and at the next screen select “Open as” then select “Video” and then select the video player you want to use.

I suggest you select the Stream Video Player as others may not play the format. This will probably start in the 4: How long is your HDMI cable? Try the shortest you have. Have you tried power cycling the tv box while the plasma stays on?

Is this one any good? I’m having a similar issue. I’ve even upgraded the firmware and it still doesn’t. The HDMI on this is very fussy. It will not connect to my pioneer HT amp but connects ok to my Panasonic tv.

Not much can be done if it will not connect. Depends on how badly you want it connected to the one that won’t work. Thank you everybody for this thread.

Lots of great info for the Google TV box that I have ordered. That seems awfully cheap when the going price elsewhere is two or three times that.

It says the server Flexiview needs to be running Java SE. Its here where i get a little lost. As someone else mentioned, I can see similar devices in the pipeline on http: Should we expect these to market soonish?

Well, that was interesting! The item has now been removed from ebay after some people ordering it. It has also disappeared from my “bought items” on ebay.

Unfortunately, whilst it seems they were able to quite easily remove the item and remove it from my bought items, they couldn’t go the one step further and automatically reverse the paypal payment.

I have now lodged a “dispute” with Paypal as per Ebay guidance. When I plugged box in, red light comes on, then in time a green light comes on.

Pointing remote control at box and pressing buttons does not make either light blink. Took everything over to neighbour.

When I set it up there I was able to see the Home page. You will need to pair the remote with the unit before you are able to use it.

This is done by removing the battery cover on the remote, and pressing a pin into the hole labelled pair. You will see a red light in the battery compartment. Point the remote at the SD card slot on the side of the unit for a few seconds.

Let us know how this goes. The green light on the box now goes on and off when I press power button. It does not work on mine. After browsing Whirlpool I see this is not a unique issue.

I have it but would not recommend it. Catchup tv such as Iview does not work and the pvr is very basic. Similar to cheap tv with built in usb pvr function. May 11, 2 0 5.

I try to get root with z4root 1. Can anyone help me? Jul 5, 5 0 5. Dec 19, 7 1 6 France. Jun 15, 6 0 5. Why I need a large size Sdhc if a. Jul 5, 3 1 6. Aug 29, 4 0 5.

Aug 2, 15 0 15 Serbia http: Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Take a look at that: So is these boxes in a stable, usable state with a 3. Eric — I hope to post a Debian build and a video in a week or so.

This is pretty awesome. I bought one of these myself months back with the same intentions but gave up on it, but your project has me excited again. What compiler are you using?

This is my first 3. You looking for any help on the wifi driver? I looks for info on the chip mentioned and TI had some info.

They seem to have two different drivers for it that work on the OMAP. Thanks for getting in touch! You should be fine with any toolchain that works on 2.

And also probably remove the DHCP client option from the kernel. Using the wl27xx driver in the kernel tree, I get random fatal sdio errors at random times — even with the mmc host rate turned all the way down.

Will keep you posted. Ok, that built successfully. Yeah I just remembered the compile string wrong. So you are building with emdebian? I looked at the debian arm stuff but it all seemed focused on a USB drive install.

I thought that was what you meant you were using emdebian for, to build a rootfs but I checked out debootstrap and I get it now. I also mean to clean my Debian wheezy rootfs up and post it here some time soon!

Which one should we be using for the upgrade and since you mentioned I got confused about one aspect. I think there are some newer ones out there now like this one from November.

Hola, es mmi interes recuperar mi android flexiview fv-1, ya que no inicia, aparece la pantalla andrioid, y a los 6 segundos se reinicia constantemente, el mando no responde de ninguna manera, hay forma de resetear con teclado, Gracias por su informacion.

Thanks for all this usefull info and i have found this firmware to for this unit https: This is just a protective plastic film that is intended to be removed. Once removed you will see a very nice piano black glossy panel that looks very nice.

Thanks Gus, your site help me since my problem on wm android tablet until now, which i currently building linux system on tinysdk. Keep up the good work!!


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Use your Android phone or tablet as a remote for your Android TV. Easily switch between d-pad and touchpad modes to navigate content and play games on Missing: flexiview ‎fv ‎rj45 ‎hdmi.

iznoluror New Android TV Box with Google Android OS hdmi output and wireless remote control, FV-1 Android TV / Internet TV Box with Google Android Copyright © 2017 Dec 13, · Android Tv Box Flexiview FV the remote control of my FV-1 had a broken Full HD P HDMI Google Android WIFI Media Player Internet TV. – Box androidtv flexiview fv 1 android 2 3 googletv rj45 wifi hdmi remote control.