Blackberry z10 review

My single favorite feature in BlackBerry 10, and on the Z10, is the virtual keyboard. It’s the best touch-screen, virtual keyboard I have ever used, hands down. When it comes to accuracy, ease of use and predictive-text features, it puts the stock Android and iOS keyboards to shame.

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I think the Balance feature will be attractive to many. My company is phasing out company-supplied phones in favour of BYOD. We certainly have many employees bringing two devices to work because the company BB has too many restrictions or does not have the desired apps. A one-device solution has some attraction.
I probably wouldn’t go for BBZ10 but I haven’t tried BB OS yet, so if I could have it for free then yes, but waste $300 on it, probably no.
Primary camera: 8 MP.

 Blackberry z10 review

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It’s not all bad (or even all mediocre), however. The clock on the Z10 is probably the best looking digital-analog on a device right now (particularly in the gorgeous, neon orange night mode), and the compass app is a spirited, 3D take on a basic tool.

 Blackberry z10 review

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It’s clear there are great designers at Research In Motion — but the company needs to get them into the spotlight more often. BlackBerry 10 doesn’t exactly put design first, but it’s not in last place either.
Best Phone You Haven’t Had.
Android apps duren lang om op te starten.
Vale a pena se você é fã da marca, se gosta dos aparelhos da BlackBerry. É o BlackBerry mais bem feito de todos, mas peca – e muito – na falta de bons apps e jogos.


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The only niggle is the amount of time it take to turn on: you have to wait more than 10 seconds after pressing the power button before it even gives you a hint of being alive, and it’ll then take at least a minute to boot up entirely. Certainly not one for the impatient among you – we also found the Z10 slow to react to orientation changes sometimes, too.

 Blackberry z10 review

blackberry z10 review


Camera-minded users will probably want to steer clear of the Z10. Image quality wasn’t great and Time Shift, while useful and polished, wasn’t enough to make up for the lacklustre image quality. Instagram is also conspicuously absent, which we hope for BlackBerry’s sake will be fixed soon.


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5. 1 x 2. 6 x 0. 35 inches.
Special Features.
Amazing keyboard! I type faster than a physical keyboard.
Excellent. Picks up signal well.
awesome phone (266).
Has A Responsive Touch Screen.
BlackBerry 10 (Update Available: 10. 2. 1) Compare BlackBerry Smartphones.
The phone is powered by 1. 5GHz dual core Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM. It has a 8MP rear camera with LED flash, geo-tagging, continuous auto-focus, image stabilization, face detection and offers video recording at 1080 pixels with video stabilization. It also has a 2MP front camera for video calling.

 Blackberry z10 review

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In general, we’re really pleased with the build quality of the BlackBerry Z10. Despite the plastic battery cover, it feels really well built and seemingly on par with the high-quality build you’d expect from HTC. We also like that the aforementioned removable battery cover is among the easiest we’ve ever used, and that it opens up the ability to add in a microSD card for additional storage or swap out the battery.
Integrated wireless charging.


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137 grams(4. 8 ounces).
I have to say that comparing the Galaxy S4 and Z10 head to head, that BB wins on active app page feature, a faster web browser, (or equivalent at worst), BB security, the Handy HUB, to its phone calculator. Whereas the S4 has a better camera/video, better grouping functionality in the contacts, nicer calendar and a greater selection (of overvalued) appworld. Surprisingly, the screen quality in watching videos is almost the same, perhaps an edge to the S4, but marginal.

 Blackberry z10 review

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The type and flick is certainly an innovative feature that works so well and something BB should be promoting, (frankly, it is fantastic for us non-typers!!). The ‘docs on the go’ editing is easy to use; something I found that was not as easy to use on the Samsung. Of course iPhones don’t even have this function, or NFC.
BlackBerry India has slashed price of its Z10 smartphone as part of what it calls a ldquo;limited festive offer rdquo;. The smartphone, which. .


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Scott, been using a Z10 for around 2 months solid now. Agree with you on most points. No thoughts on the keyboard? Personally, found this to be the No1 Pro for the Z10 (the Hub a close 2nd). Have fat fingers but somehow, even though I’ve totally stuffed up a word, the suggestion from the OS is 99% spot on. Makes typing an absolute breeze.
WiFi with hotspot.
About Blackberry 1. Trusted Brand2. Once popular among corporates, Blackberry suffered a setback in popularity when Android and iOS entered the market.


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Owned by RIM and based in Canada, it develops its own Blackberry OS, but is now launching Android devices too. 3. BlackBerry device servicing is being handled by HCL which has service centres all over the country. Toll Free Number: 1-877-644-8410.
Sleep / Wake Key.
BlackBerry slashes Z10, Q10 and Q5 prices for its enterprise customers.
Doesn’t Have A FM Radio.
Black amp; White.

 Blackberry z10 review

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During testing, after being totally drained and left uncharged for a few hours, the Z10 totally refused to start back up, despite hours of charging. It returned to life overnight, but over an hour plugged into a computer, and 1. 5 more plugged into its wall charger should be enough to wake any device up. This did not happen every time it was fully drained—more commonly, it would display a too-drained-to-turn-on icon for a few minutes before relenting and turning back on. But it was strange.
Fair point, I guess.

 Blackberry z10 review

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But the most recent Nexus devices have been incredibly popular and you can now get a HTC One Google Play Edition, which comes with stock Android. I can only imagine a greater market penetration in future as Nexus becomes a brand in itself and more manufacturers might make GPE phones. Perhaps you could review a vanilla device in future, for comparison against a non-vanilla experience?.
The BlackBerry Browser offers optimum speed, power and simplicity with page rendering and built-in sharing to your favorite social networks. Share a link via email, or make a post on the social app of your choice – all it takes is a couple of gestures. This phone is smart indeed. Over time, it remembers your preferred method of sharing, adapts to it, and delivers just what you desire.


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 Blackberry z10 review

can take out the battery and has sd card.
“The Blackberry Z10 changes nothing. “.
To top it all off, the BlackBerry 10 keyboard adjusts the sweet spot for each key, depending on how you type. If you keep hitting ‘t’ instead of ‘r’ for example, the keyboard sweet spot invisibly adjusts accordingly, tailoring itself to your typing style. The only thing missing is haptic feedback.
Zoom / Magnification.
lian i too am a blackberry z10 owner. its one convenient reliable phone. now i got passport. just so wonderful. blackberry new fails my expectation. and still am using ma 4G blackberry playbook 🙂.
Can run some Android apps.
First up, the good stuff about the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry 10 software.
BB z10 very good phone blackberry z10 stl100 4.